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Interview Techniques

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Exploratory Interviews- How to Understand, Prepare and Ace Them

An exploratory interview (also known as Informational Interview) is often the first step towards your career goal in your dream organization. It should not be mistaken for a job interview as it mainly gives the interviewee an insight into a particular career, profession, industry, and corporate culture of a prospective future workplace. The pu..

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Smart Tips- 10 Lazy Words to Delete from Your Elevator Pitch

If you are looking for a job or new job, your one of the first tasks for to-do list should be crafting an attractive elevator pitch to keep engage the interviewer. The whole world is going online. We see new things discovered every day. Smart phones are getting smarter and people are getting lazier (thanks to 1000s of emojis). Let’s have..

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Interview Gone Wrong, What to do Next? 6 Lessons to Learn

No matter how well you are prepared for an interview, there can always be something that pushes you deep down a loop. And even if you are poised to give your best the interviewer could be shrewd enough to lead you towards this!

Whatever be the reason, there could be times when leaving the interview room you feel that your dialogue di..

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10 Biggest Interview Blunders and How to Avoid Them

Job interview is so important because it offers a chance for organizations and job candidates to learn if they might fit well together. Candidates generally go into interviews hoping to prove that they have the mindset and qualifications to perform the job in question. But the biggest question is what you should not do when interviewing?

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6 Main Types of Employment Interviews

There are various types of job interviews, and you should be aware of them before facing them. You can also inquire about the type of job interview you will be facing so that you can prepare and get the best out of it.  Don’t be afraid to ask the recruiter regarding the type of job interview you need to face. This will help you and ..

Career Development

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Getting it Right- Personal Branding Tips for Job Seekers

In this age of social media, personal branding is a necessary tool which will help you in getting your dream job. It will make you stand out from the others when it comes to tough competition. One needs to have a personal branding strategy in order to promote them to their potential employers. Having said that, it’s not just about p..

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How to Focus on Career after Psychological Crisis

Crisis can strike anytime, even when you are in the midst of an important deadline, facing a crucial exam or a tournament. The emotional turbulence that you may feel in the face of a crisis can shake you up and you may find it extremely challenging to focus at work. However, life has to move on. You need to gather yourself and your emotions to..

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Career Development And Growth: Things You Need To Consider

Assess your own personal characteristics to develop your career goals. You need to assess things like your skills, interests, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, etc. Later, you can match your profile with your career goal. You also need to work on identifying the aspects of your present and past job that can help you in deciding you..

Self Improvement

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How to Figure Out What to Do with Your Life?

What should I do with my life?- This complicated situation, professionally or personally, comes across our lives several times at different phases, whether we are teenagers or retired adults – choosing subjects for college or university, taking up a job, getting into a relationship or nearing retirement. The quirky road ahead..

How to Become

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How to Become a Teenage Model

Becoming a model is just not about being beautiful and tall. One needs to have that uniqueness which makes you stand out from the rest combined with talent and a desire to back up those looks. Starting from a very young age is common in the industry. If you’re in your teens, camera-friendly and love being in front of the lens, you might ..

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How to Become an HR Specialist

Human resources is all about people and the dynamics between them. They serve as the bridge between the employees and the corporate leadership. Human resources is all about people and the dynamics between them. They serve as the bridge between the employees and the corporate leadership.

It is the HR specialists who ensure that there ..

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How to Become an Accountant

Accountants are the highly-trained financial professionals who are dedicated and exclusively specialize in preparing a wide variety of financial documents. They can choose to be they may choose to be certified public accountants, auditors, government accountants or management accountants.

Here we have given guidelines for becomi..

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How to Become a Teacher

One of the first careers we ever dreamt of having is being a teacher. As we began our schools, being a teacher is all we could think of at first. As we grew up, some of us left behind these dreams and took up new ones but for those who still stick to it and want to be a teacher, the below guidelines could be a big help –


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How to Become a Real Estate Agent

Becoming a real estate agent is not just about helping customers buy and sell their properties and earning commission. It takes a lot more to become one. But once you know what needs to be done, the path gets much easier. Being a real estate agent, needless to say it is a lucrative job that is not too taxing on you and yet ensures a good incom..

Life At Work

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10 Easy Steps to Get Promoted at Workplace

Climbing up the career ladder is crucial for a successful professional life. However, promotions are a complicated affair. You need to do lot more than merely working hard. Correct behavior and smart work are considered the golden keys that can grab you the coveted position you feel you are qualified for and so rightly deserve.

Here ..

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Tips for Working with Recruiters and Getting Placed Easily

You need to learn many things before working with recruiters. You need to know the best practice before you start working with them. Understanding how the recruiters work, what they really think, what they ignore and what they care about can help you in gaining their attention and employer submission.

When you ignore the needs of rec..

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Writing a Resignation Letter

So, finally you’ve decide to move on! Saying goodbye to your current job can be a difficult decision, especially when you have done a lot of hard work in it. We’ve all been in such uncomfortable situations where things aren’t just working and you decide to try something new.  After you’ve signed on the dotted line ..

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12 Do's and Don'ts After Losing a Job

Even if you liked or disliked your job, the day you are fired or lost it, it would come like just crashing the whole world down for yourself. It all happens so fast that sometimes you remain in a state of shock before it sinks in, with full force.

The most important thing to r..

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Working in Night Shifts: To Be or Not To Be

As the big wide world comes to work together, time zones merge into one another and the workplace becomes a twenty four hour on center of activity. In the opportunity to choose your hours of work besides the traditional 9-5, lay great advantages as well as several disadvantages. Let’s have a quick look into both. Knowing this one can con..

Resumes & CVs

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LinkedIn Profile vs. Resume- 8 Differences You Should Keep in Mind

For getting hired you should make sure that the both resume and your LinkedIn are promoting your talent & skills, working to grab the best career opportunity for you. Usually a person thinks that the Resume and LinkedIn are same. In few instants it’s sharing a lot in common including focus on attainments, well built summary section, ..

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5 Things Every Employer Searches For On Your Resume

Searching for a job is intimidating and a daunting task, but it’s really important to get a good job in today’s world. Job hunting can be made simple and easy by taking the right steps. There are several things that you need to consider while looking for a job that really matters for you. If you have ev..

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What Qualities to Put on a Resume for First Job?

It can be daunting to create your first resume. With the job market being so competitive, it is important you create a resume that catches the eye of the recruiting manager and makes you stand out in a crowd. Even as a fresher, there are so many things you can showcase to demonstrate why you are the perfect candida..

Cover Letters

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7 Common Cover Letter Mistakes To Avoid

A cover letter is an important part of the resume, and it should be written perfectly without any mistakes. Any hiring manager will first look at your cover letter and make an impression about you and your qualification. A well-written cover letter can get you a good job, and thus, it’s significant to consider this document and write it ..

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How to Write a Cover Letter

People believe that a strong resume makes a difference and helps them in getting a good job. But writing a cover letter is also as equally important as building a high-quality resume. Any recruiter receives tons of employment applications for the open position, and they don’t have enough time to read them. So..

Job Search

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How to be Successful in Getting a Job Fast

The process of finding a new job is tedious and overwhelming for many. If you agree with this, you’re not alone. Your search for the perfect job can take a lot of time. However, there are very few who want to wait for a long time to get a new job. The feeling of now liking your current job can be really frustrating. On the other hand, if..

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Top 10 Highest Paying Hospitality Management Careers in Florida

According to U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics the hospitality management industry reserves 8% of employments and also a continuously growing sector especially in Florida. Usually the hotel industry jobs has negative impact on people’s mind regarding payments and working hours but this career offers you six digit salary as well as perk..

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How to Evaluate a Job Offer and Make the Right Decision

When you receive a job offer, take your time and carefully evaluate the offer so you can make a perfect decision. You need to consider the entire compensation package and other things, like benefits, perks and work environment, along with the paycheck. Check out the merits and demerits of the position before proceeding. Take your own ti..

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How to Choose the Right Job?

Deciding on a career can certainly be a daunting task, but it becomes easier to decide when you give yourself the appropriate time along with a lot of options. This article will help you to make the right choice when you're facing a fork in your career path because the idea of a “job for life” has now become a thing of the..

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9 Email Etiquette Tips for the Job Search

Email is a very important part of the entire job search process. You can surely distinguish yourself by paying attention to your electronic communications. In general, your emails should have words, not slang lines, full sentences and detailed information about you and why you are sending..

Fresher's Guide

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The 10 World's Most Boring Jobs

Here is a list of ten world’s most boring jobs that will help those who can get bored easily while doing something. Such people must be conscious while considering a career in these job types. We all know a successful career startup plays a very important and significant part in all of our lives.

Have you found yourself st..

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First Day at Work? Tips To Avoid Some Common Mistakes

So it’s your first day at work! A lot of things would be going around in your mind. We all have that fear of making a bad impression on the very first day at work. It might not be your first job or you might be a complete fresher, the first day at work is always nerve-wracking. Here are few tips to help you avoid rookie mistakes on your ..

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14 Tips for Your First Job- Infographic

A college graduate has many things to do. If he has landed a job,If he has landed a job his attention would be on launching his career in a successful manner by excelling in his first job. Your attitude and work ethics plays a major role in deciding whether the job experience is good, and it will provide a platform for a future career.

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The Most Satisfying Jobs In 10 Major U.S. Cities

Research shows that when people are properly compensated and have a work-life balance, they draw immense satisfaction from their jobs. Such professionals are happy, content and productive as they enjoy a perfect combination of having satisfying jobs in USA that can make a difference to those around them and sufficient time to spend with their ..

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10 Most Promising Career Options for Freshers

The world is moving at a great pace, and every sector is creating new field opportunities for the professionals. To choose the right career path for a bright future, freshmen should be very careful. Choosing the right path in itself is a tough job, both for students and parents. Freshmen are, nowadays, very worried a..