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Some functions and sections of our site are available to paid members only. Choose a group of users and you will see a list of differences from your current group. You can choose an appropriate period and group and pay for your package upgrade.


Sponsored Vacancies

Sponsored vacancies are listed in inner pages on the left side bar in the form of list with respective thumbnail. This list includes latest 5 sponsored vacancies in the site.

While user searches for the vacancy in any location, the search results display sponsored vacancies before the featured vacancies.


Featured Vacancies

Featured vacancies are listed on the home page at the top viewing space of the screen. Seeker gets the first view on the home page when they start browsing for their vacancies requirement. It is a unique tool that gives the opportunity to stand out from your competition, get more views and apply for your vacancy faster. With the tool you get the opportunity to showcase your vacancies against other general vacancies. Employers get to choose which vacancies to feature among they have listed. This allows vacancy to be best highlighted on the vacancy listing and display before the general vacancies for the relevant criteria. Potential seeker can click on the title and get more details about the vacancy.


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