Job Interview Checklist- Never Go Without These 10 Essential Things

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Congratulations! You have received the call letter for the interview. Now the second most important step is the preparation of the interview, you are already working on the questions to be asked in the interview and development of the skills. While you are walking an extra mile for the interview preparation, it is also important to make another preparation for that specific day so that you can give an interview without having anything to worry! Here is the checklist of the things that are essential to keep with you on the day of the interview.

Job Interview Checklist- Never Go Without These 10 Essential Things

1. Extra copies of Resume

You never know when these extra copies will help you. Often the hiring managers forgot to print the resume copies, so in that case, if you provide a neat and clean copy of the resume it will leave the impact that you are well prepared for the interview. Further, you can meet a lot of new people so the extra copies may help you in building new contacts.

2. Professional Notebook

Keep few professional notebooks with you or work diaries with you. You may need it during or after an interview to note down the few facts about an interview. But do take the permission to make the notes while interviewing. It’s going to help you later, so keep it.

3. Few Pens

Many of us have the habit to forget this writing essential, so have few extra pens with you. These extra pens will not only save you from embarrassing 'Can I have your pen' moments but also you can leave a good impact by offering a pen to your interviewer when he runs out of the pen and afterward you can also say that 'I have an extra one, you can keep it'. 


4. List of Questions to be Asked to Interviewers

Yes, you should have and prepare the list of the questions to be asked to the interviewer by you. Most of the time people go blank when the interviewer asks them that, do they have any questions.  Further, this also shows that you are really interested in the job, so keep the list with you can have 5 to 10 questions regarding the job position and company.

5. Directions/Map and Contacts of Interviewers

None wants to be late at the interview, none!  So make sure that you have a proper address and directions of the place. Also, decide the medium and time of travel and sort the things a day before of the interview, this will save you from any kind of bad consequences that might happen while reaching there. Keep the contact of the interview person handy so that you can contact them if something goes wrong.

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10 Important Things to Carry for the Job Interview

6. Sample of Your Work/Portfolio

If you are going for a designation which may require seeing the examples of your work, keep your samples handy, this will help you in explaining your work with better presentation. Further, even if the portfolio is not mandatory, keep the papers with you.  Make sure that you have a well arranged portfolio.

7. Small Touch up Kit

This is one of the good favor you can do to yourself, have a small kit with you containing mints, tissues, a hair brush, a lint roller, chocolates and any other things which you might need throughout the day. This will play the savior to you during the series of interviews, to have the fresh mood and look both. 

8. Only One Bag

Often people have a habit to carry many bags like the small purse, laptop bag or big purse.  You are going for the interview, not to show up your latest bag collection. So have the bag in which you can pack all things you needed and it should be the one which is easy to take on and off or simply the one you can hang on the shoulders. Make sure that your bag keeps your hands free; it will be quite helpful during pre interview procedures.


9. Hard Copy of Job Description

You already have been through the job description, you read it all. But having the physical copy in your hand while interview, will help you in better presenting yourself while interviewing. You can explain your skills and experience better by associating them with the job description.

10. Anything you have been asked to bring

Usually, the interview letter specifies the things you need to present on the reporting at the interview place. So check the interview letter before leaving for the interview. Forgetting these things may cost you to a job.     

The above are few things which should be with when you walked towards the interview, but don’t forget to bring your confidence and smile!

Click here to download the printable job interview preparation checklist.


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