Things to Do If You're Not Getting a Pay Raise

While there are certain verticals which do offer good salary hikes, a variety of benefits and perks, sometimes even stock options, there are other verticals which do not even think about an annual salary increase. Of course, we aren’t here to discuss about those verticals! However, we’ll be talking about few things which you can definitely ask your employer when you think that a raise is out of question.

Things To Do If You’re Not Getting A Pay Raise
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What’s your current designation?

How about adding “Senior” to it? We understand the adding title thing will not pay your bills but it will have a psychological impact when you are not getting a raise. Asking for a new title from your boss will not only help you in adding up your confidence (when it’s required the most!) but also remind others in the organization about your level. If nothing works good even after that, a new title will definitely help in looking for a new job elsewhere.

Ask for a change of location

No, we are not talking to change your city. Show your manager that you can telecommute. A lot of companies are becoming adaptable to telecommuting (all they want is to get their work done!). Make a plan first on how you will be working from home or just about anywhere and how the work would not be hampered. If your manager does not approve it, talk about flexible working hours. 9 to 5 days are gone; you can ask to work on flexible hours. There will not be any problem as long as the job gets done on time.

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Take a break!

In situations when companies are not in sync with the economy and are still facing difficulties, salary hikes are hard to come. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t ask for a break or two. Let’s not forget – time is money. You can ask for a good week or two and go for a relaxing vacation. The company cost would not be much and you’ll come back refreshed resulting in increased productivity.

Ask for a certified training/course

Companies do invest in employees in many ways, one of them being trainings. Any type of training would be a win-win situation for both the employer and the employee. You can ask to get trained in a specific skill set which will help your in performing your duties better. After you get trained, you can even hunt for a new higher paying job.

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One-time bonus

Ok, if you find this tricky, believe us, it is not! A onetime bonus will be a good option for your employer as it involves less commitment and at the same time gives you hard cash. If you think that asking for a bonus straight away would be tough, try to sweeten the deal by committing to reach a goal on time.

Timing is everything!

You have to use your common sense on this one. Remember one thing; all you are asking for should bring back value for your company. Nobody will be keen to approve any of the above requests if you are not adding anything creditable.

After all, a salary raise isn’t everything! You have to get a bit creative when you need to earn some extra perks.

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