First Day at Work? Tips To Avoid Some Common Mistakes

So it’s your first day at work! A lot of things would be going around in your mind. We all have that fear of making a bad impression on the very first day at work. It might not be your first job or you might be a complete fresher, the first day at work is always nerve-wracking. Here are few tips to help you avoid rookie mistakes on your big day.

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Don't be late!

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Well, it’s your first day – you don’t want to be late! This is the very first thing anyone in the organization will notice. If you are not punctual, it sets a bad first impression. Try to leave few minutes early from your home so that you have enough time to settle yourself at the new office.

Dress properly

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Not dressing properly will not only make you feel the odd one out, but will also make others feel uncomfortable. Every office has a dress code which they follow. You can connect with your reporting manager in the organization and ask him/her about the dress code. This will make sure that you don’t wear skinny jeans while the entire staff is in crisp business attire.

Pay proper attention

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With so many things happening at once, it may happen that you might lose attention of the important details. Make sure you pay proper attention to all the things that has been communicated to you. At the time of induction, you would be introduced to people and given a round of the office. This will help you in making yourself more comfortable to the surroundings.

Ask for help

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If you find yourself stuck somewhere, do not hesitate to ask for help. When your boss asks you to do a particular task, it is completely alright to ask for clarification if you are finding it difficult to understand or complete. Having said that, it is advisable to sit with your reporting manager and go over your job responsibilities. Also, ask about the priority tasks that need to be done on a daily basis. This will set the expectations right from the first day.

Have a positive and friendly attitude

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Let’s understand this – nobody wants to work with a know-it all new entrant or a gossiper. Maintain a positive and can do attitude. This will definitely help you in making a good and long-lasting impression. Don’t gossip or complaint about your work or co-workers. All of us want to have a lasting impression in front of our bosses but doing such stuff will not take you anywhere.

Don't try too hard

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Yes, you heard that right. As mentioned above, we all want to have a good impression on our bosses but trying too hard will do no good. Don’t assume things and try to be over friendly – such things can certainly backfire. Do not be one of those new joiners who wants to be the boss on day one. Getting straight to work is good but you need to gain knowledge of how to accomplish it first. At the same time, you must have the ability to handle your mistakes and make them right.

Following these tips will definitely help you in having a long-lasting impression on the company and also make your first day at work a pleasant one.

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