10 Benefits of Having a Job

Well, you must be tired of hearing those I hate my job stories or you might be the story teller. There can be thousands of reasons for hating the job, but as every coin has 2 sides there are few benefits of having the job. It’s the era when people prefers to be own boss and to be the boss, working for others is not much likable among the peoples. Often people forgot to count the blessings, so let me narrate you the benefits of having the job.

10 Benefits of having a job
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1. You have an identity, not just a name

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Most of the conversations start with what’s your name and end at what do you do. Well no matters how much you hate your job, it’s the survivor for the second question. Having the job will make easier for you get the perfect definition of what you are or give a glimpse of your personality.

2. The paycheck

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You have your widest smile while seeing the text of salary, haven’t you? Well, many people say that the money can’t buy the happiness, but money can certainly show you the path of happiness. The job will provide you the financial stability and the security, which makes your life easier. Payment of bills on time makes your life fine!


3. The joy of being independent

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Independence, hearing it is such a delightful treat to your ears! Well having the job can turn this delightful treat in the lifelong happiness. Here by saying independent isn’t limited to the financial independence, it relates to the living life and decision making. Earning money and having an identity will lead you to the path of independence.

4. Adding the new one to your slam book

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Having friends at work make the working fun! Your job gives you the opportunity to meet numerous new people who can be either your friends or mentors or competitors. The job will improve your confidence while dealing with strangers or superiors.  These are just not formal meeting sessions but it also improves your social skills.

5. Polishes your skills

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Well, you the jack of the skills but the job will lead you towards being the master! During the job you always have an opportunity to learn something new or it will help you in being updated about your field. Various skills such as technical or marketing skills or socialization are the byproduct of doing the job.

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6. Let your personal life breath

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Don’t forget that you have life and wife both! Here, it means that having a job means you are working for few hours or fixed time and you don’t need to carry the burden of the work on your shoulder. It simply means that you can have time for your hobbies and family, you can live the life!

7. Have happy retirement

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You are young and having rocking life, but did you think what will be after retirement? Well, job have a solution for that, many employers have schemes having the retirement benefits which leads you toward the tension free retirement life. Further, some jobs also offer the pension facilities or specific benefits which can secure not only your today but also your tomorrow.


8. Let you enjoy some extra perks

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Perks! Yeah, it is a word that every person loves. The job isn’t only about the salary, it is more than that, you will enjoy the perquisites such as vacation allowance, leave compensations, house rents or sometimes the training which you can’t afford to do on your own. So do count your perks while counting your blessings!

9. Live your leaves

maternity leaves
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You are not going to work 24/7 and 365 days, so the job is quite favorable for that. The job has some fixed leaves; many of them are the paid one. Further, if you are doing the job you can take benefit of paternity or maternity leaves. If you are the workaholic one, convert your leaves into cash.

10. It gives you meaning & purpose

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The job is not just about working for few hours. It’s more than that, working, improving you as the person, learning the skills will make certainly help you in fulfilling your propose. No matter how small your work is, remember that you are adding value to the organization and ultimately to the world. Having the job will give you the satisfaction, happiness of maximization of wealth.

The above are the few perks; you can explore the lots of benefits that are collateral to your job. Show some gratitude towards your job!

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