Top 10 Highest Paying Hospitality Management Careers in Florida

According to U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics the hospitality management industry reserves 8% of employments and also a continuously growing sector especially in Florida. Usually the hotel industry jobs has negative impact on people’s mind regarding payments and working hours but this career offers you six digit salary as well as perks and bright future.

Following are the top highest paying hospitality careers with average 6 digit salary in Florida:-

List of 10 Highest Paying Hospitality Careers in Florida

1. Bars, clubs and pubs
2. Regional Chef
3. Sales and Marketing Staff
4. Hotel Manager
5. Events and conferences Manager
6. Travel Manager
7. Slot Operations Manager
8. Executive chef
9. Concierge
10. Head of Housekeeping

Top 10 Highest Paying Hospitality Jobs in Florida- Infographic

1. Bars, clubs and pubs

Bar tender
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This can be opt from basic entry level and also advanced to managerial level post. As a manager your working scope can be varied from behind the bar to deal with accounts, inventory management and recruitments and training sessions of the staff.

Training:- Hospitality management degree & 12 years experience
Annual salary:- $192,653


2. Regional Chef

regional chef
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The regional chef is one who uses his/ her culinary skills to create new dishes and give a new outlook to the menu in several regional restaurants. His job also includes training chefs for meal preparations and cooking methods with ratio, Negotiating contracts and dealing with food supplies.

Training:- Bachelor’s degree from a culinary school & 10 years experience.
Annual Salary:- $111,972


3. Sales and Marketing Staff

marketing manager
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For surviving through the competitions, the business needs a steady stream of the customers. It includes public relations, marketing and selling strategies and coordination coordinators/ Mangers.

Training:- Bachelor's degree in marketing or business administration
Annual salary:- $60,610


4. Hotel Manager

hotel manager
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Hotel manger is the one who look after the daily operation of the hotels and responsible for the management. Further he should also have to make sure that guest are enjoying their stay, dealing with budgets, to control cost operations, also maintenance and handle the staff.

Training:- Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management or Hotel and Restaurant Management and 7 years experience
Annual Salary:- $95,048 


5. Events and conferences Manager

Event manager`
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The manger is a person who bring all factors together to make event shine and successful , it includes negotiating contract , menu and caterers selections , choosing decors for different events.

Training:- No minimum requirement for education But Associate / Bachelor’s degree in management or hospitality can help in such planning.
Annual salary:- $60,245


6. Travel Manager

travel manager
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Travel manger is required to attend complex travel request, to arrange accommodations and to manage budgeting, His responsibility is to create successful travelling trips.

Training:- Bachelor’s degree & 5 years experience.
Annual salary:- $82,307


7. Slot Operations Manager

slot operations manager
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His job includes directing for daily operating slots of casino departments. Further he has to look at electronic gaming device reports and fulfilling federal cash reporting requirements.

Training:- High school diploma & 5 years experience.
Annual salary:- $80,147


8. Executive chef

executive chef
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He has command over the kitchen, from what to be served and who will serve it i.e. menu and staff selection, controlling quality and quantity of food and creating recipes, food consumption by customers and popularity of dishes.

Training:- 4 years of training / experience.
Annual Salary:- $46,206


9. Concierge

concierge team
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It includes assisting guest during travelling tenure. From reserving restaurants to availing tickets for special events making all the arrangements needed. It also includes arrangements for visits to the interesting places.

Training:- Short-term on-the-job training.
Annual Salary:- $16,262


10.Head of Housekeeping

head of housekeeping
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Head of housekeeping is responsible for his department. His job includes maintaining supplies, arranging household equipments and doing purchases.  He should also look that hygiene standards are maintained.

Training:- Associate / Bachelor’s degree / Experience in housekeeping 
Annual salary:- $75,805

The above are the jobs which offer you shining career with handsome payments packages so grab the opportunity and choose the perfect profession for you.

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