How to Focus on Career after Psychological Crisis

Crisis can strike anytime, even when you are in the midst of an important deadline, facing a crucial exam or a tournament. The emotional turbulence that you may feel in the face of a crisis can shake you up and you may find it extremely challenging to focus at work. However, life has to move on. You need to gather yourself and your emotions to face your professional life and not let a psychological crisis bog you down.

How to Focus on Career after Psychological Crisis

Here we have discussed some of the personal life events that might interfere with your professional lives, and how you can battle them triumphantly.

1. Family disruption or family interference

Family interference can be in the form of fights between parents, disagreement with the spouse, or inexcusable behavior of your child, wherein there is no harmony and peace at home. In such a situation you can try to resolve the issues at home to bring things under control. In order to not let such situations distract you from your career focus, try not to bring your office work in a home experiencing a hostile environment.


2. Natural disaster

A natural disaster, such as floods, earthquake, etc. can leave one helpless and homeless. It takes a lot of toll on a person’s emotional well being and can take months or even years to settle down all the disruption that happened in your life within minutes. However, life goes on and it is in your best interest to move on as well. Consider yourself lucky that you and your loved ones have survived the calamity and think of making a better future for yourself.

3. Suicide Attempt

Suicide attempt is an extreme step that one takes when he or she believes that no future lies ahead of them. However, it is not true. It is the perspective that matters and no problem is bigger than one’s life. Gather yourself and learn to face the problems instead of running away from them. Do not be ashamed of what you have done and go into hiding again. Spend time in doing things that make you happy. Consult a therapist, meet your friends, go for movies, and talk to your parents if anything is bothering you. Go back to work and take it in your stride and show the world it is your oyster.


4. Theft of a purse or cash

A theft can leave you in a lurch, especially if it is a lot of cash. Report to the police and then leave it to that. Besides being more careful, it is best to move on and focus on the things that are important like your family and work. 

5. Confrontation crisis

Confrontation crisis occur when there is disagreement amongst employees, typically higher and lower management that leads to strikes and boycotts. The best way to deal with such crisis is to sit down and have a proper talk and come to a mutual understanding which is beneficial to both the parties.

6. Utilities being shut off

In today’s age, electricity and water supply being getting disconnected is a huge inconvenience as our day to day lives are hugely dependant on them. Try to minimize usage of utilities by using only what is extremely necessary. Keep yourself occupied with work so as not to think about other things much.

7. Loss of a loved one

Losing a family member, a friend or even a pet can be shattering. The amount of grief one feels depends on the proximity to that person. Though it is important you move on with time, there will be time you’d be heart-broken. Take your time to mourn and heal yourself. Once done with it, focus on your work to do better at your job and in life as well.

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8. Heartbroken by love of your life

When it comes to love, it is always the extreme. Being in love makes one radiantly happy, while a break-up is heartbreaking. The heart takes time to heal, cry it out once and for all. Try to keep yourself occupied and busy the most that you can. Spend time with your friends, go for movies and dinners to divert your mind, join a dance or painting class or anything else that makes you happy. Once you find peace with your inner self, you’ll go on the right path career wise as well.

9. Performance change

Your work performance might have dipped in months, but do not lose heart. Introspect and look back what you haven’t been doing right. Try a different approach at work to come back with a bounce and leap ahead better than before.

10. Sexual harassment

Dealing with sexual harassment can be difficult, but not impossible. First, don’t feel guilty because you aren’t wrong anywhere in it and don’t let it define you. Speak up and let the person responsible pay for his/her doings. And then move on. Life is full of good things; you just have to see them. Let this be one chapter of your life and not the entire book. Get up and conquer the world.


The power of human mind is unfathomable. So, believe in yourself and get going. Many people have emerged stronger after recovering from a crisis. Focus on your life and your professional goals and you can excel in all your endeavors.


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