8 Checklist for Writing The Cover Letter to Sell Yourself

The Cover Letter is the equally important as the prologue for any book. So just writing “please find attached the resume “is risking your potential job opportunity. Many think that their resume is enough good to get the job, here they forget that the cover letter is the best stage where you can market yourself and show the employers that why you are perfect for the job position which they are offering.

Here are the few questions which will help you to sell yourself by asking yourself while writing the cover letter.


8 Checklist for writing the cover letter to sell yourself
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#1 What do I want to write?

Keep in mind that you are not writing your CV, so make sure that your cover letter should be unique. Further, the cover letter gives you the freedom to narrate the story of you, telling how much good you are for that job. So make a list of points which you want to write your potential employer.

#2 Is it in the business format?

The cover letter is representing you. So make sure that it is written in the business format and properly drafted. Further, learn about the company culture so that you could match their level while writing. Remember that, a perfectly crafted letter get direct attention! But it doesn’t mean that you should use the glittering pens or colorful papers.

#3 Is it addressed to correct person?

Most of the people write a letter by addressing “to whom it may concern “or “Dear Hiring Manager “.  Well, it’s little robotic. By digging the resources you will come to know the name of the person to whom you are addressing, so address with the name. This small thing will make sure that your application is getting the attention rather than being in the files.

#4 Does it include all important aspects?

Make sure that your letter covers the all important things you want to highlight. In the second and third Para of the letter, you should market your skills and experience. Here, you can add few lines about the company; it will show that you are really interested in doing that job.  The content should be able to convince the employer that, you are the one that they are searching.


#5 Is it concise or appropriate?

Time is precious for all, so as for your hiring manager. Your cover letter should be short and concise. The letter should be able to sell yourself within the 30 seconds attention it is going to get. Using effective sentences and avoiding hard phrases is good for you. Try to write impactful yet easy to read the cover letter.

#6 Does it sound positive?

Your cover letter should reflect your enthusiasm.  Don’t go with the common words, there are always better synonyms to use. Further, instead of using or saying the negative words to describe your life, past experiences or skills, you can highlight the positive aspects of it. The positivity and good attitude are essential for the cover letter.

#7 Does it have errors?

You are writing the cover letter and making errors in it is the worst mistake you can ever make. The errors in the cover letter will make sure that you have got the place in the negative list. It can be any type of typing or grammatical or sentence structure. So before sending it makes sure that you have done proofreading.

#8 Does it sell me perfectly?

You are done with the cover letter. Now, have a cup of tea and relax! After a break of an hour, read your cover letter again. These will the most important things you are doing, it will help you in finding mistakes or adding the important point you have forgotten. This simple exercise can make it more than perfect!

The above is the checklist you should go through before writing the cover letter, to get the job.

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