How to be Successful in Getting a Job Fast

The process of finding a new job is tedious and overwhelming for many. If you agree with this, you’re not alone. Your search for the perfect job can take a lot of time. However, there are very few who want to wait for a long time to get a new job. The feeling of now liking your current job can be really frustrating. On the other hand, if you are not working currently, waiting months to get that perfect position is out of the window. Here a few tips which can help you in getting hired faster – helping you to get on the right track once again.

How to be successful in getting a job fast

Timing is the key!

There are certain periods which are more favorable for searching jobs. If you are actively looking for a change, you need to start your search at the time when companies are looking for new employees. You can do that by frequently checking the websites and job portals regarding you’re the profile you are searching for. At the same time, you need to spend some quality time in updating your resume and clean up your social media profiles.


It is a well now fact that even today most of the jobs are still found by networking. Whether it’s in person or online, you need to strengthen your networking skills and tell your connections that you are actively looking for a job change. There are all the possibilities that someone in your network can help you get your next job. LinkedIn can be a great networking tool in such situations.

Update your work profile

The 1st thing you should do when you start hunting – get all the materials right. Materials include an updated and attractive resume, a professional cover letter, certifications and awards, your work samples(if any) etc. All these need to be proof read and presented in a professional manner. Take out “goal and objectives” from the top of your resume and put up your past and current accomplishments that are relevant to the job you are applying. Show your prospective employers what you have done.

Take part in other activities

This is easy to write than it is to do actually, but you need to get yourself involved in other activities as well. Dedicating a portion of your time in helping others could really make your job search easier. This is as good as talking in your network directly. This not only spreads the word out but also demonstrates your prospective employers about your skills. Gone are those days when somebody got hired only because of academic excellence. Taking part in volunteering activities can help you in showcasing your skill sets and your value addition to the act.

Have you been online lately?

There is a fairly good chance that your next prospective employer would be checking out your social media profiles. According to a survey by a leading job portal, 43% of employers are researching candidates on social media. There are certain online activities which are absolute turn-offs. Bad mouthing your co-worker or employer, sharing confidential information, making discriminatory comments are some of the activities you must not do online. These can really harm your prospects of getting a new job.

Look good!

Once you get a call from the employer regarding your interview, always make sure you wear formal clothing or you can check with the interviewee a day prior regarding the dress code. You have to look your best on your big day. The goal is to highlight your personality and experience.

All the above tips can help you in getting your dream job faster. However, remember one golden rule – Be yourself, so that you can stand out from the job search crowd. 

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