How to Evaluate a Job Offer and Make the Right Decision

When you receive a job offer, take your time and carefully evaluate the offer so you can make a perfect decision. You need to consider the entire compensation package and other things, like benefits, perks and work environment, along with the paycheck. Check out the merits and demerits of the position before proceeding. Take your own time; it’s perfectly acceptable to ask your employer for some extra time so that you can make balanced decision.

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Money Does Matter

Money always matters
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Money is not everything, but after all, it matters a lot. Are you comfortable with the offer? Is the salary perfect for you? Can you pay your bills on time? If your answer to all questions is no, then don’t accept the offer. Say no straightforwardly. Nobody likes to work with a company where the salary isn’t enough. You can negotiate for a higher salary with your future employee.


Benefits and Perks

Employee Perks
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Additional to salary, you need to review the benefits and perks. The benefits and perks are also an important point to think over. If you are not sure what they are going to offer, don’t hesitate to ask them. Get the details on health or other insurance coverage, vacation and other benefit programs.


Flexibility and Company Culture

Flexible Company Culture
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Many people who have small children or elderly parents need flexibility in their timing. Thus, you should check the flexibility that the company offers. The working environment should also be comfortable and friendly to you. In some companies, people have to ask permission to use the restroom, and this is not tolerable. Thus, it’s important to check out the company culture before joining, as it matters a lot. Even if the company is offering a decent salary, you should be comfortable working there or your work may feel meaningless.  You can ask permission from the employer and spend some time in the office in order to check out the work environment and culture.

Job Timings and Travel

Job Timing
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Before accepting your job offer, be sure to be clear regarding your job timing. Also, ask them questions regarding any travel that is involved. All these things matter a lot when it comes to working. You need to be clear on every point and check whether you will face difficulties in committing to the schedule.

Your Personal Circumstances

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And last, your personal circumstances matter! What can be a perfect job for you could be really dreadful for someone else. So, take your time and review the merits and demerits of the company. You can also make a list to make things clear. Listen to your gut feeling, and if it’s telling you to take the job, do it. Also, keep in mind that this is not the only job out there; there are many other available. The next offer may be the best for you.

It’s easy to turn down an offer rather than leave a job after starting. You and the employer both would benefit if you prefer to decline rather than leave the job once everything has started. So, take your time and evaluate the offer. Resolve your queries, ask questions and make your decision.

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