8 Great Part Time Christmas Jobs and Where to Find Them

You may not have Santa, but you can definitely have the job in this Christmas season. As the market has high targets to be achieved during October to December, it generates around 755,000 jobs (analysis by Indeed) during this year. Though the businesses are finding their helping hand temporarily still you need to explain your strength and weakness and let them know about your working flexibilities. The payback varies in between $8 to $ 12 along with the employee perks and discounts. Yet the payback terms isn’t much attracting, joining these job not just add some cash into your pocket on holidays but also helps you enhance your experience or you can always do it to have the break from the real-life job scenes.

If you want to grab one part time Christmas job for you, the following list will help in finding you the perfect one.

8 Great Part Time Christmas Jobs and Tips to Get Them


1. Holiday Helper

Part time package handlers at UPS
Image credit: Glassdoor

The holiday helpers are in much demand and also they carry the chances that you might become the permanent employee. The Job has been offered by the UPS i.e. United Parcel Service along with other jobs like part time package handlers, full time drivers, and full time “driver helpers”.

The payment for the job may vary from $10.20 and can go up $32 per hour. Here, you can also have the Retention Bonus for being regular throughout the week. Sometimes they even offer the pickup and drop up facilities to their employees.  You can get that job by applying online.

Click Here to apply for a seasonal job at United Parcel Service

2. Temporary/Seasonal Stock Associate

Seasonal stock associates at williams sonoma Inc.
Image credit: Glassdoor

The companies like Williams-Sonoma Inc., is hiring the seasonal stock associates who can help them in managing seasonal rush. The basic responsibilities are verifying the receipts, taking deliveries and stocking. The associate is also responsible for the maintenance, cleaning and inventory counting of the stores.

The rate is $11 to $11.50 an hour for the job but the payment can be varied from place to place. You can apply online to get the job and also offers the 40% employee discounts.

Click Here to apply for a seasonal job at Williams-Sonoma Inc.

3. Seasonal Retail Support

Seasonal retail support at amazon
Image credit: Glassdoor

The market is in the boom position due to the upcoming holidays. To meet the expectation of the customers, the companies like Amazon and many others hire the temporary retail supporters. The payroll for the job lies in between $10 to $13 an hour. You can apply online for the job.

 The type of job does include many different roles like cashiers, customer service, stocking shelves, merchandising, ordering, baking, candy making, gift wrapping and more. Even playing Santa can fetch good money for you.

Click Here to apply for a seasonal job at Amazon

4. Driver Helper

Driver helper at UPS
Image credit: Twitter

The UPS and many other units of the industry are hiring the driver helpers. The driver helpers are teamed up with the drivers to ensure that all packages are delivered on time and to provide the best customer services. The job requires heavy weight lifting and punctuality.

The payment for the job starts at $10 and goes up to 32$ per hour. Apart from this, the driver helpers get the handsome bonus for being regular at a job up to $ 200. Another benefit of the getting this job is weekend and festival leaves.

5. Customer Service Representative

Customer service representative at J.C. Penny's
Image credit: Glassdoor

The customer service can turn the game of any business. As the festival season gets more into rush it also generates the customer service representative positions around 40000. The companies like J.C. Penney’s and others are offering these jobs.

The payroll for the job is around $9 to $11 per hour and it can be varied depending on a job. You can apply for the job through the company’s site. The same can be the work done through the home.

Click Here to apply for a seasonal job at J.C. Penny’s

6. Traditional Sales Representative

Sales representative at The Macy's
Image credit: Glassdoor

The traditional sales job includes various jobs regarding the sales departments and offers the positions like taking orders to packaging and handling till delivery. The Macy’s and its subsidiaries are coming up with almost 80000 or more job during this holiday season.

The paycheck on the same varies from $9 to $10 and you can get it from online sites. Apart from it the company also offers the facility and support jobs.

Click Here to apply for a seasonal job at The Macy’s

7. Package Handler

Package handlers at FedEx
Image credit: Glassdoor

The  FedEx’s is offering more than 50000 jobs regarding the company’s “Ground,” or package shipping, network. The main job is to handle the packaging and shipping procedure of the products. The job asks for lots of attention and cautions while working so the pay rate is also high for the same.

The payroll for the package handlers make about $12 to $14 an hour and also the other perks related to the job depends on the location of the job.

Click Here to apply for a seasonal job at FedEx

8. Tour/ Travel Guide

Tour guide at Disneyland
Image credit: disneylanddaily

Working as a tour guide is one of the coolest jobs you can get for yourself as you can simply wander around the city and also can earn the money. For this job you require is the basic knowledge about the local historical site, national park or theme parks like Disneyland, and management skills to do the job planning, organizing or escorting tours.

Having good interpretation skills and understanding of other languages will let you have some additional perks. The payment of the job depends on the deals and also the customer’s satisfaction may lead you to have some tip.

Click Here to apply for a seasonal job at Disneyland

The Seasonal jobs are simply improving your experience and also boost up your holiday plans. The above are the 8 jobs which can be yours, so apply now!

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