Career Development And Growth: Things You Need To Consider

Assess your own personal characteristics to develop your career goals. You need to assess things like your skills, interests, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, etc. Later, you can match your profile with your career goal. You also need to work on identifying the aspects of your present and past job that can help you in deciding your career goals. Below are few tips that would help you in developing your career.


Maintain a Professional Network

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You might be developing relationships with people inside or outside the company. These people might be invaluable or valuable, but you need to maintain a professional network with them. They can be helpful to you at some point of your life. When you add a new mentor in your life, you add new skills and strategies that might help you in your career growth. You can maintain such professional networks by collecting their business cards, keeping track record of former bosses and colleagues, joining the professional networking association, etc.


Work With the Mentor

Work with the mentor
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Working with your mentor really helps. You need to check in on your long-term professional relationships and your mentors. Take their help and get to learn new things from them. It’s good to have mentors outside and inside your employer.


Know When to Proceed

Set goals
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Never stick with a company that lacks good opportunities and culture required for your career growth. If you have the skills with you, move on. Know the right time to proceed further with your career goals. You can get involved with the new business or start a new job.


Widen Your Thoughts

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You need to widen your thoughts and think globally. Don’t have any type of geographical barriers. Your co-workers and clients can be from anywhere in the world in your future projects. Thus, you need to have the ability to work within the international market. You need to learn about working with diverse cultures, learn other languages and even asking for assignments that give you international exposure. Getting more experience will help you in gaining confidence in the global marketplace.


Gauge Your Progress

Progress checking
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Look at your progress periodically as you move along your career path. Try to re-evaluate things quarterly and note the changes. Try to use your own metrics and include new responsibilities to your portfolio.


Create Your Success Journal

Success Journal
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You need to create your success journal. You have to be proactive and should take part in the inventory process. Employers want to know your ability, and thus, you need to prove them. You should have a ready list of all the things you have done. This will help you in recalling the relevant skills and rewards whenever asked. You can track your projects, duties and results. You should also keep a list of your professional activities, wherein you have worked. You should also list the types of training you’ve undergone.

All these things would help you in your future projects. Thus, creating and maintaining your success journal is an important part of your career growth and development.

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