Five Useful Tips to Deal With Anger

What is Anger? : “Anger is considered to be more or less responsible for self- destruction. If pushed to the limit an angry person completely loses the grip or the self-control.” Words and actions as a result of this can never be reversed. All the negative thoughts then dominate the mind. Every person has a certain level of tolerance beyond which they snap and get angry. There are very few people who can actually keep the patience and work on their anger without any outburst. As said by Pythagoras, “Anger begins in folly and ends in repentance“. It might not be easy for everyone but there is a starting to everything.

Here are 5 easy ways that shows how to deal or cool down your anger.

Tips to Deal With Anger

Withdraw & Deal With Yourself First

Listen Music

Reacting instantly in anger is something not many can avoid, but this only worsens the situation. When angry, consider moving away from the person or the reason for the time being.  It is wise to hold yourself back for some time and let your anger cool down before making the next step. Try going out for a walk or switch on the music player or engage yourself in some work or hobby. It will help you in getting a grip on your anger.

Straighten It Out Through Physical Exercise

Ride Bicycle

There is an undeniable link between mental and physical health. Detonation or improvement on one has a direct effect on the other. Instead of taking out your anger and focusing the negative powers on the one thing, divert and indulge all of it toward some physical exercise.  Exercising is the one of wise way to channelize your anger.  Running, swimming, boxing, cycling etc. will definitely help you in reducing your stress hormones and transmitting your anger.

Breathing is The Ultimate Trick

Do Meditation

Meditation or breathing may not solve the problem or issue but they will certainly help you to relax your mind and think logically. Break the eye contact, breathe in deeply, then breathe out slowly and pull yourself together from the negative thoughts. Continue deep breathing until you have your mind and anger calmed down to a certain extent.

Consider a Different Approach

Share your Emotions

A lot of people out there deal with their anger by expressing their feelings and thoughts on a paper. Every time you are angry, take a pen and write down exactly how you are feeling and what are your thoughts, it helps to play a vital role in making you think rationally. Otherwise reach out someone close to you and talk with them, speaking about it will lower the load on your emotions and would also give you the chance to look into the matter from the other angle.

Don’t Let Thinking Come To a Standstill

Problem Solved

An angry person is not capable of thinking rationally given the circumstances. And the next step taken without thinking is mostly regretted later by several. Whatever the situation or the reason might be you are in, never let your emotions come in the way of your analyzing. Before jumping to a decision or reacting, think and consider the consequences of your actions in future. Problems can’t be solved magically and anger is very far from being the solution. Clam yourself and then think logically, negotiate, talk and understand the issue before expressing yourself.

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  • Shary Raske

    Anger is also an indicator that some need or want is not being met. When leveraged in a constructive way, anger can provide the energy to get out of a bad job situation