Cruise Career Advice – Qualifications, How to Apply & Tips

Working on a cruise ship seems like a lucrative option to many. It’s because here you can get a good pay along with an opportunity to travel the world. Not to mention there are multiple diverse jobs available on a cruise ship, so it is easy to find the work you love.

Moreover, if you are finding a job on a cruise, here is some cruise career advice you would want to know. Below we have covered details about the qualifications required, how to apply, and tips to follow!


What Are the Qualifications You Need to Get a Cruise Ship Job?

There is fierce competition when it comes to getting a job on a cruise ship. However, if you have work experience in the field of your choice, it can give you an upper hand. So, the common qualifications that can ensure your job are:

  • Fluency in English– In a few companies, there is a requirement that you must be fluent in English and know at least two languages. It can be English and German, English and any Scandinavian language, or English and Spanish.
  • Experience – You must have worked in a hotel/restaurant or tourism, trade, customer service, and marketing areas.
  • Age Requirement– Depending on the cruise Ship Company you apply for, you must be above the age of 18 or 21 to qualify for the job.

What Common Career Options Can You Get in a Cruise Line?

With tons of ships operating in cities and each maintaining 3000+ staff for service, there are various job profiles that await you. Here are some common areas you can apply for:

  • Hotel Facilities– Housekeeping, cabin crew, manager, butlers, receptionist taking cruise bookings, etc.
  • Restaurants– Kitchen staff, chef, barman, waiter, manager, etc
  • Shops– Cashiers, bookkeepers, managers, etc
  • Gym– Personal trainers, workers, etc
  • Leisure Center– Lifeguards, instructors, activity leaders, etc
  • Spa and Salon– Hair stylists, massage therapists, etc
  • Engine Department– Assistance engineer, chief, DDE, wiper, oiler, etc
  • Deck Department– Mates, captains, deckhands, able seamen, etc
  • Land Excursion Team– Seamen, tour guide, recreational staff, etc
  • Casinos– Security, dealers, hospitality, etc
  • Entertainment – Director, production manager, dancers, actors, directors, sound engineers, lighting, backstage crew, etc

How to Apply for a Cruise Ship Job?

There are several ways to apply for a cruise ship job like the ones mentioned below:

  • Contact a Concessionaire: It is a company with a contract to operate photography, spa, retail, or entertainment units of the cruise.
  • Approach Directly: You can directly search for a job in a cruise company on the particular company’s website. You can also send your CV to their official hiring partner.
  • Attend a Cruise Job Fair: The job fair serves as the ultimate networking medium to meet leading recruiters face to face. You can hand them your CV directly and even persuade them why they should hire you.
  • Apply via Job Boards: Multiple job boards allow aspirants to apply for a job at the preferred cruise company. For this purpose, you must upload your CV, search and apply for relevant careers.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Applying for a Cruise Ship Job

The following are some tips to secure a better job in a cruise company:

  • Be Aware of All the Job Openings by Running a Thorough Research– When you know the different types of opportunities available, it is easy to pick the preferred ones.
  • Consider Your Skills before Applying for a Job– Your skills must match the requirement of the position you are pursuing. For example, if you cook well, you must look for a chef job.
  • Know About the Recruiting Company– It is beneficial to conduct a little research before approaching a recruitment agency. You should always know the cruise line they provide service to and the positions they offer.
  • Be Attentive to New Vacancies– When an agency sends a notification of new vacancies, some of these jobs last for only a few days while others last for months. So, it is helpful when you are attentive to each opportunity available.
  • Evaluate Before Signing– When applying for a cruise ship job, the last step is to sign a contract where you understand your job description and role. So, review the details carefully because some jobs with similar sounding titles have different responsibilities.

We hope this cruise career advice guide has helped you get a clear idea about the job you are looking for in a cruise company. Be aware of the qualifications required to fulfill a certain role and apply when you are sure that you qualify for the offered position.

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