5 Main Reasons – Why You Didn’t Get Hired

Recruiters check for so many things while interviewing the candidate. It’s difficult to predict anything for the candidate even if they have done their best job. Most of the time, the candidate feels he has outperformed but at the end he gets rejected. If you face the same problem and don’t receive any kind of feedback from the recruiter, don’t worry! Below are the few explanations as why this happened.

Why you're not getting hired

Your resume is incomplete and imperfect

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There are thousands of free resume formats available online. They have given explanation as how to write, update and modify your resume. If you are rejected for the job, this is the first thing you need to do. Don’t behave naive, start it right there. Take a close look at your resume and point out the things you need to change. There are few things like experience, skills and a career break that you need to consider. If the resume has typos, you are bound to get rejected easily. If you have a long career break and doing nothing, recruiters will kick you easily. Thus consider this point and update your resume to get hired quickly.

You did not follow up

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Follow up is an important part after the interview. You should either send a Thank you note or draft an email for outreach. Recruiters feel that people who don’t follow up are not interested in the job and are not passionate about working with the company. It’s a responsibility of the candidate to follow up after the interview process. If you don’t get back to the hiring managers at this time, there is no guarantee you will do it after getting hired. Thus if you have rejected once, take this point into consideration and make sure you don’t repeat the mistake of not following up.

Your Body language was not good

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If you have been rejected, this could be one of the reasons. At the time of interview, you need to carry yourself like leaders. It’s not only what you speak but also how you behave and carry yourself. Hiring managers look at your body language and judge you accordingly so avoid making any body language mistake during interview. They notice, how you speak, how you sit, how you walk etc. These details matter a lot while you are giving an interview. Thus if you weren’t confident during the interview process, you may have been rejected because of this. Recruiters also look for people who fit in their company culture and thus they look beyond the oratory.

You are over ambitious

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Setting Career Goals is the really helpful for your upcoming job career but it doesn’t mean that you make yourself over ambitious. You may have been rejected because you are over ambitious. Recruiters like ambitious people but not over ambitious. Thus if you have not shown interest in your current projects and just kept on asking about your future projects, promotions and appraisals than you might have been rejected. For recruiters, it’s the present job requirement that matters and the not the future one. If you are not satisfied with your present job title, they will immediately get to know and they too might not show interest in you.

You traduce your former employers

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When you start traducing your former employers, it’s a red flag for you. It’s a bad habit to bad-mouth your former employers and you lessen your chance to get hired by doing it. You should instead be grateful to your former employers and should never bad-mouth them. It’s a bad sign and shows your attitude and lack of interest in your past company. Thus even if you don’t like your company, better shut your mouth. If you have done bad-mouthing, it may be the reason for rejection.

Apart from this, company also rejects you if you are not a good fit for the requirement, lack confidence and if you are discourteous. Thus make sure you don’t repeat this mistake again when you are called for the interview.

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