The Cycle of Employee Experience and How You Can Improve It

Much like many natural processes, a particular pattern or cycle can also be observed in the workplace, more specifically in recruitment and hiring. Employees usually undergo steps or stages throughout their stay with their employers, and HR professionals have the responsibility to make each step as fruitful as possible.

It is vital for HR to offer a relevant experience to every employee or candidate because it shows workers that they are an essential part of the organization.

1. Attraction

The first step of the cycle happens when an employer piques the interest of a job seeker through different means.

2. Recruitment

Recruitment occurs when the company successfully signs up a top talent to work for them.

3. Onboarding

Preferably, this is the first thing new employees need to do on their first day at work. During this step, they are given an introduction to the company and its nature, as well as what their place in the grand scheme of things.

4. Development

Employee development means letting the workforce learn new skills that are useful for their position. It also involves engagement and motivation, which can better encourage them to perform and stay longer with the organization.

5. Evaluation

On a determined day, supervisors or managers will assess employees and their performance using specific metrics. This helps determine if the person is still right for the job or needs more room to improve.

6. Retention

At this point, the focus is on how to retain the employee who has been a big help to the success of the company. This may entail keeping them happy but still offering them challenging tasks.

7. Separation

At some point, an employee will have to leave the company, and the reasons can differ for each case.

Let this infographic be a guide for an HR professional or recruitment firm employee on how they can make the employee cycle better for both the worker and the company’s sake.

The Cycle of Employee Experience- Infographic

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