How to Make Each Day a Happy Day on Workplace

Current lifestyle demands hectic schedule and high work load which led most of people unhappy. Facing the odds every day and still not letting go of ones smile and happy nature is something very few are capable of. It’s not that they don’t have any complaints or problems it is just that they have learnt to make their each day a happy day irrespective of all those. As it is rightly said by the Dalai Lama, “Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.”

Happy office people

Below are 7 things which would definitely help you in becoming a person who knows how to make each day, a happy day.

1. Meditate/exercise.

Do exercise


Spending time every day in meditation would help in you calm your mind. Meditation has several self-healing benefits, it demands nothing except patience. Otherwise spend few minutes excising. Take a walk in a park, the greenery and the atmosphere around would soothe your mind. Both of the above will leave you feeling peaceful with a rejuvenating feeling.

2. Try living in the present.

living in the present

There is nothing as priceless as the present moments. Looking at the past or worrying for the future would not make you happy or take away your worries. Avoid daydreaming, learn and respect the value of what you have now.

3. Stay in touch with your closed-ones.

Stay in touch

Sometimes to be happy you don’t need to look very far. Look around you, the people around you- your loved ones, your family and friends and who would realize that in their smiles and happiness, you find satisfaction. Take some time out of your schedule and spend with them. Speak with your closed ones discuss anything and everything and at the end you would definitely feel happy.

4. Make time for your hobbies and yourself.

Spend time with yourself

Investing a little time in your habits would end up boosting your mind. Hobbies are mainly what you enjoy doing the most, so spare time and completely indulge in what makes you happy. Don’t put restrictions or barriers around you. Design your own-life. Spend time with yourself, hear your heart speak and follow it.

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5. Lend a helping hand.

Be a halping hand

Spread smile and happiness, with people who would feel that happiness inside you. Helping anybody in need is not only a noble task but it would also ensure your own satisfaction. Volunteer for something which would make you feel happy. Touching the hearts of the people would not only light their face but will also boost your happiness.

6. Never compromise with your sleep.

Never ignore your sleep

Getting required sleep and feeling happy do have a connection. Sleeping not only renews the cells across your body but also makes you feel active the next day. While sleeping our body undergoes a kind of complete restoration and calms our mind. Never ignore your sleep, which will lead you to a bright next day.

7. Never forget your smile.

smile always

Last but not the least, your smile is what matters the most. Even if your mood is off, keep a smile on your face and it would automatically sooner or later uplift your mood. Never forget ’Life smiles at you only if you smile at it’.

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    “Never compromise your sleep” makes me very happy. Thanks for advice