Things to do When You’re Unemployed

Let’s assume you quit your job or you got laid off because the job was not what they told you it was or would be, or you found out that you’re at the worst company ever. What do you do next? Find another job! But will you get another job just overnight? Do you have a backup plan? The former or latter is likely to happen. So, what do you do when you are unemployed? You learn and grow in that time. That is what you’ll be talking about in the next interview along with the things which we’ll mention here.

 Things to do when unemployed

1. Stay Optimistic.

Stay Optimistic

Not having a job is a tough situation. But it is not the time to think negatively. (Read some inspiration books or motivational quotes for better mindset) Maybe this might have happened to you for a good reason instead. Maybe it’s time to move on and do something more interesting or challenging. You need to stay optimistic in these times and refrain yourself from getting pessimistic ideas or thoughts.


2. Update Your Resume.

Update your resume

Now is the best time to upgrade and give a facelift to your resume with some strong points that show what you’re capable of doing as an individual and also how you can and have performed in a team. Include references of those people who know you well and will speak about your capabilities. If you are planning to learn a new job-related skill, mention that as well. This will increase your credentials.

3. Manage Your Expenses.

Manage Your Expenses

Until the time you get a new job, you need to need to manage your expenses in a planned manner so that you don’t become short of funds. You do not have to show off during the time that you can’t cover all your expenses. Cost-cutting is very essential at this time. Try to lessen your monthly bills so that you have enough cash with you. Put your savings under lock and key, and use them in extreme emergencies.


4. File for Unemployment Insurance Right Away.

Unemployment Insurance

You should file for unemployment as soon as you can. It depends on the reason for your loss of job, so it may take as long as two months before you get unemployment checks if everything is right.


5. Make New Connections and Keep in Touch with Co-workers.

Stay in Touch with Co-workers

This is the best way to find a fresh job. Let others know that you’re looking for a new job. Rather than keeping it as a secret, talk to your working friends, family and co-workers that you now need a new job. It would be great for you if somebody refers you. Making new connections is important, as it opens avenues to try new places.


6. Spend Some Time On The Internet.

Spend Some Time On The Internet

You will, of course, search online for new job opportunities. But apart from that, also surf the web for some new information regarding your interest areas. This will keep your knowledge fresh and will make sure you know what’s happening around you. Don’t go too much into details and spend a lot of time there.


7. Relax and De-stress.

Relax and De-stress

Go on a small vacation. This would be just the right time to take a break and relax a little. You’ll get a good chance to recharge yourself, re-evaluate your past and strategize your future.

Lets us know if you have some comments regarding the topic. We’ll be happy to know your views!

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  • Point 7 relax and de stress, brilliant, but go on a vacation ARE YOU NUTS! I have done it, a few times and they are the worst vacations EVER, no sleep from the stress, limited activities (I didn’t want to run out of money…)

    I have seen others do the same witht he same results.

    Also if a bunch of people from one company have been made redundant, then the challenge is to beat them to the jobs. Unless I take a lap top or tablet on holidays with me to keep applying I can’t be keeping up to speed.

    • Florence Lewis

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for your valuable comment. Here in post given things to do are negotiable, it works on person’s thinking. Every person has different – different thinking.