COVID-19 and Worklife : 7 Work From Home Tips

The world is fighting the battle against coronavirus aka COVID-19 and along with human health, the virus has also affected the corporate culture. As we all know the world is going through the shutdown, many organizations have opted for the work from home policies. Even though the trending WFH concept is not alien to us, the pandemic has made it anxious, stressful and unmanageable.

7 Work from home tips

Here are the top 7 tips for you that will help you to perform better through the unexpected work from home and pandemic situations.

1. Stick to your morning routine

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While the work from home allows you to binge-watch your favorite shows and wake up late but it does impact your productivity. So make sure that you stick to your routine which will make you mentally ready for the work. You can take small walks inside the house, follow exercise routines, have a shower and get a yummy breakfast to kick start your day. Never underestimate the power of morning coffee!

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2. Put the pants on/ get dressed up

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Work from home is a trending topic nowadays and you surely want to be one of that influencer who roams around in PJs. Well, everyone loves PJ but it will kill you ‘I am working from home’ mood. Make sure that you follow your morning routine and get dressed up for the day. Also, dressing up will trick your mind into working. And guess who is ready for the unexpected video chats and meetings, you!

3. Set up your office desk

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We know working on the couch is one of the comfortable and luxury moments but that is good for the weekends only. Make sure that you chose a space that gives you enough privacy to work peacefully. If you don’t have an extra room, you can choose the quiet corner of a hall or kitchen, but make sure to declutter because a pile of laundry or dirty dishes can ruin your working mood. These little specifications about the place will help you in creating an office-like atmosphere and trick you in a psychic working mode.

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4. Create the schedule

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Creating a schedule is one of the essences of the work from home situation. Start it by using a planner to make a to-do list of that, marking important meeting times and setting a particular time to check the emails. These things will let you have an idea of how much time you need to work on a particular day as well as maintaining a schedule that will help you in finding out the most productive hours of the day. Another advantage of the same is that your family knows your particular working hours and won’t disturb you.

5. Use better technology- improve output

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Work from home is solely dependent technology so make sure that you are investing in it. Have some noise-canceling headphones for working hours as well as better video chat options. If you are working from home due to quarantine, make sure to follow all the work from home working guidelines of the organizations.

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6. Cut of distractions

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Working from home can be a little awful when everyone is enjoying the family time and you are in the middle of some meetings. Apart from that, you have to manage the expectations of the family to spend time with them. Another main distraction is social media, which can consume your hours and make you anxious as well. So make sure to have strict working hours as well as banning social media as well as news while you are at work from the home mission.

7. Turn on the home mode

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The work from home often turns into a tedious job as people think that you are available at any time, so make sure to aware of others about your fixed working hours and adhere to it. You might think one call or email won’t harm much, but in the long term, it will take a toll on your mental health. So disconnect with work and focus on the surroundings, talk with friends and family, enjoy cooking some meals or simply watch your favorite show. You can take a day off occasionally; it will make you more productive in the work.

The sudden change has altered working life brutally however, keep in mind, change is a doorway to better tomorrow.

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