21 Top Business and Technology Trends

People might have taken a small relief from 2020, but what about business owners? They have to face many ups and downs in business. They need to be updated according to current market scenarios and all predictions. These updates can help them to plan their new steps towards achieving their goals. To help them reach the goals, we have listed all the on-going business trends for the year 2021.

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1. Redefining and reimaging business model

Business team
Corporate sectors have to redefine their business model according to the current market. COVID-19 has changed the working pattern of all corporate sectors. So, think about redefining and reimage the current business model according to the situation, and the present scenario is not wrong. With the business model’s help, they can review the risks and desired outcomes by focusing on the activities. Activities such as the business’s profit and loss, staff, and your supply chain should be studied well and look through the innovation side. There are chances that they can bring a massive change in your operations. So, consider changing and rethinking the business model and ensure that the model you’re positively implementing benefits your business.

2. Digital transformation

Digital picture
To maintain a competitive advantage, business owners need to look for digital transformation. Five technology trends will dominate the digital transformation market for the upcoming and another 6-7 years. Some technologies took place in digital transformation. When owners opt for implementing technologies listed below, their relationships with customers also get a real change.

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Digital trust
  • Digital reality
  • Ambient computing
  • Intelligent interfaces

3. Business automation


It’s time for small business owners and entrepreneurs to look forward to new ways of automating their work in 2021. Owners can save money and time without any human error with the help of business automation services. Some automation trends you can follow for your business are chatbot, AI to share data, platform-based infrastructures, IoT, and many more. But before you opt for the automation services, discuss these questions with your team or to yourself,

  • Do manual processes need to be automated?
  • Which pains automating processes will solve?
  • Do those processes require recreating before adding them to technology?

Check all the manual processes and then start the automation process. Remember, automation is not the end goal, but the solving problem is the end goal.

4. Data as asset – Let the data be your guiding light

Data Driven Process
For the last two decades, the data is known as the most significant business asset. Financial assets help any business improve its operations, increase revenue, establish competitive differentiation, innovate, and reduce risks. Many successful companies are based on data-driven business prototypes. So, consider your data as an asset and let your data take your business to the next level.

5. Cybersecurity gains greater focus in 2021

Cyber security
Companies should integrate cybersecurity if their business asks for a user’s useful information, such as payment details or personal information. It should also be involved in your privacy policy and Terms and conditions because it will be on top priority. Industry experts say that every small business service will suffer a break without MFA (Multi-factor Authentication). MFA is an authentication process that the user must use to access a source—for example, encrypting the data in the storage or securely identifying people and entering the digital entities.

6. The Accelerated rise of E-Commerce

Though e-commerce was in trend in the last few decades, a survey report has shown that it has shifted all the physical stores towards digital shopping. If you compare, online shopping has increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic. People started purchasing their daily-needs and essentials things online. Even take your small business online by creating a website. Business persons are thriving by changing their sales prototypes and business strategies.

7. User reviews will be the king

User reviews should be the primary focus this year and can be called as market king. For instance, you are going to buy any electronic item. There are numerous steps and filters to acknowledge that, but nowadays, it is easy to buy because of user reviews. Reviews are isn’t about the features and prices, but it’s about the entire product and experience about a particular product. It has been seen that people feel more comfortable or select those options which are tried and tested by individual users. Many newcomers in business don’t have enough funds to run a marketing campaign, so they should ask their users to post reviews. When people see that your brand interacts with real humans, they will believe in you and your brand.

8. Stories take over the newsfeed

photo-1516251193007-45ef944ab0c6 (1)
Snapchat is the app that has to introduce everyone to the story concept. After Snapchat, all social media platforms have stories feature on their channels including LinkedIn. Stories are the short posts that get disappear after 24 hours. You can call it a “Flash Content” that forms courtesy in people. It has been seen that stories grab more attention than newsfeed posts on social media. Stories can convey your brand message 15x times faster compare to live stream. It can become your brand’s authentic voice to connect to a vast audience.

9. Growing an online community

Online Business Community Picture
To connect with like-minded people like you, create an online community. You can share your business knowledge, high-quality content, and other relevant information through blogs, forums, and webinars in that community. In a discussion, people can share and exchange ideas related to your business or industry. Your social community will help you to grow your business. Ensure that you provide proper assistance to them by adding a chatbot service.

10. Mobile commerce and businesses

Mobile Store
2021 can be a boom for both mobile commerce and business. It is going to increase this year because security issues have been resolved. Business owners should consider selling their products through mobile commerce. If they don’t have proper knowledge about mobile business, they can hire an expert in it. Both the services open up new business opportunities.

11. Digital marketing on the rise

Digital Marketers discussing in a meeting.
Digital marketing trends like AI, data-driven, and voice search optimization are among the top significances in 2021. Critical Digital marketing is in fast-forward speed for the last three decades to get creative and drive engagement through excellent services and rich content. The year 2021 is a time when technology is fast. It is hard to predict the customer’s interest and behavior. But these trends will help your business to survive and thrive in the age of innovation.

  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Voice Marketing Funnels
  • Conversational Marketing
  • More Interactive Content
  • Agile Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Visual Search
  • Browser Push Notification

If you’re thinking of adding digital marketing as your marketing strategy, then embrace the new technologies and tools to gain more success over your competitors.

12. UX and SEO get attached

UX is new SEO
Do you have any idea about what is UX and SEO? Yes, then its okay, but if you don’t know, read below.

SEO means search engine optimization, and UX means user experience. Both the services aim to help a user with the query. UX ensures that the user feels comfortable while browsing, and SEO ensure that they get relevant data. So, UX and SEO have come up together to provide the relevant search query with a good user experience. Even the thing that affects both of them are,

  • Higher conversation rates
  • Page speed
  • Better visibility

With both UX and SEO, you can ensure your business will be on the top. So, take time to research and analyze how both of them can help your business.

13. Influencer marketing as a separate trend

This type of marketing is a type of word-of-mouth marketing. Influencers connect with the audience on behalf of your business and promote it to a vast audience. It is generally considered more authentic than corporate advertising. Influencers build the customer’s trust and recommendation. Don’t view it as a trend; rather than view it as your revenue generation tool. Moreover, you can add influencer marketing with AI to make the right influencer’s finding faster and easier.

14. AI becomes practical

Artificial intelligence is the future
If you’re opting for AI in your business, then your business should be productive, practical, and easily accessible to everyone. The AI trend is energy efficient and is a useful intelligence application that is reduced by the machines. For instance, IT sectors have many services based on AI, like sales and business foretelling, security surveillance, automation, etc.

Thus, AI has started its productive implementations and working on real-world scenarios for easy accessibility. So, all the business can keep their foot in the real world and market by considering AI in their business.

15. Big data for small businesses

Data driven strategy
If you’re a small business, that doesn’t mean you are into limitation. Even you can obtain market updates and business intelligence, such as big data. Now onwards, big data will be not too big for all small businesses. They can also disclose the hidden patterns, customers’ leanings, and other essential business insights. Thanks to big data, all small businesses can get a fuller picture of their customers in the year 2021. You can use these tools for big data for small businesses.

  • Google Analytics
  • SAS
  • Tranzlogic
  • Qualtrics
  • Kissmetrics
  • IBM Watson Analytics

Moreover, a small business can give a green light and run many consequential iterations by adjusting itself according to the customer’s need and demands.

16. Payment method and options flexibility

Payment Option
All types of businesses are opting for third-party payment services. It protects businesses from all kinds of security and online-payment frauds. Several service providers are convinced with the high fraud protection and completely automated options. Moreover, all sectors have been encouraging people to go cashless by starting touchless payments. Businesses began using digital currencies, QR codes, mobile wallets, peer-to-peer networks, and third-party apps. These methods are very much flexible and easy to use. People started loving to use these methods for convenience, security, utility, and speed during a contactless payment. Further, organizations will send the invoices and payment requests soon.

17. Remote work: the new normal

Remote Business Meeting while Work from Home
Pandemic has taught a new style of working: Remote Working. Many people worldwide have been working remotely for ages, but in 2021, remote Working is the new normal. COVID has taught people to work remotely unless you’re a worker who operates heavy machinery. Experts say that remote Working increases their creativity and productivity level. Even this facility gives them enough time to spend with their family and friends because WFH gives you the flexibility to choose from where and when to work. But making a remote working decision was not that easy for all giant firms or even small start-ups.

18. Sustainability, social responsibility and local focus

Natural energy resources
In the year 2021, consumers will demand companies to keep their carbon footprint. Social and environmental issues like species extinction, climate changes, and more are coming forward. The owner can take a particular action to become more sustainable within the business set-ups. You can support your audience online by creating a social media community, improving work culture, donating to social causes, and more. For example, suppose you choose to “Go Green.” In that case, you should notify your customers through your social media community. Moreover, if owners decide to “Go Green,” their businesses will be benefitted. Many small and large sizes of organizations are changing their point of view.

19. Businesses prioritize employee happiness

Happy Employees
Employees don’t have the greed of getting high salaries or promotions. Instead, they want some happiness at work that makes them feel like their work is valued, and they are also appreciated. The satisfaction of employees is directly connected to their productivity levels. The working environment has changed in modern times, especially when most offices have playrooms, pet-friendly space, colorful walls and stickers, open workspaces, and many more. All these examples are efforts that are a part of a company’s culture. It will boost your employees’ focus and morale, start engagement, retain top employees, and hire new hires. As far as the latest business trend to go with, this one is essential to your small business’s success.

20. More generous corporate

Is being more generous corporate the next business trend? Yes, it is, because it motivates all business owners to engage with the people socially instead of traditionally. You need to share high-quality content with the people. Moreover, the current hot topic COVID-19 works very well as a catalyst.

21. The game-changer 5G

5G has also come into the limelight. It will be likely across the world in 2021, and there are opportunities to open avenues as you’ve never seen. It can change the user experience on the internet, which will benefit all small and large scale industries. It will do things much faster and easier, including communication. With the execution of 5g, the network slicing market is predicted to grow exponentially. That includes everything from IoT to smart cars to smart homes to intelligent energy grids.

The bottom line on business trends 2021

Safety First
So, it’s just the beginning of 2021, and you know how to grow your business. Consider these 21 trends to manage your business, and take your business one step up.

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