Increase Your Productivity With These Effective Strategies

At job, we face many problems to meet deadlines and complete our work. The most common problem we face is lack of time. To conquer this, it’s crucial to increase our productivity at work. There are many strategies to apply like doing work planning, practicing time management, keeping personal life apart of work, etc.

Here you will find 10 effective ways to boost your productivity and complete your work in time.

Strategies to be productive

Plan your work

1. Plan out your work:


Planning is an important part of your job, if you prioritize your work and proceed accordingly, lots of problems would be solved. You need to do it based on the ROI- Return on investment. You can take a calendar and set your task on weekly or monthly basis. Thus as soon as you come in the morning, you can start with your schedule and this will save a lot of time. Setting priorities will assist you in achieving targets and you can focus more. Thus the first step to increase the productivity is to plan out your work and make an effort to get it done.

attending personnel calls

2. Say no to personal Calls:


During office hours, say a strict no to your personal calls. Phone calls are just a waste of time during your office hours and they can decrease your productivity. Thus either limit them or set a time to call your family members of friends. You can do it during lunch hours or other usual breaks. Thus make a habit to avoid phone calls that are unnecessary as it’s just a sheer waste of time. You can always return the call at the end of the day.

keep desk clean

3. Keep your desk neat and clean:


Make a habit to keep your desk neat and clean. Organize all the stuff and keep them in order so that you can easily find them when you need. Do the same with your PC, you can organize your emails and delete the unwanted stuff. De-cluttering is a good habit and if the things are organized you can be it at peace.

taking tea break

4. Take short breaks:


Sitting at your desk most of the time is not good for your health. Your muscles get stiff and you don’t feel energized. Thus it’s recommended to take short breaks and start the work with a fresh mind. Taking short breaks increase your productivity at work thus make a habit to get up from your desk after every two hours and sip a cup of coffee, tea or take some snack. Talk with your colleague and share some light moments. But limit your break time to five minutes or else it will affect your work.

Be early always

5. Work early:


If you are permitted for going to office early, do it. Starting your work early makes a lot of difference. You can work at peace and no one is there to disturb you. No noise and no phone calls. The office is all yours to work. This can surely increase your productivity and you can get more time to work and meet your targets.

avoid multi tasks

6. Multi-tasking is a bad habit:


Multi-tasking should be avoided during work hours, it decreases your productivity. Though, few people are good with it, still it’s better to do one work at one time. You lose focus and interest when you multi-task and you even tend to forget things. Thus it’s better to concentrate and finish one task than moving further.

avoid web surfing

7. Limit your web surfing time:


Browsing unnecessarily will be a hindrance in your work. Many guys surfs web at work and do online shopping. Sometimes you just not remind that you’re on workplace when doing do personnel stuff. You can do it occasionally and take a break. But make sure, you limit your browsing time and concentrate more on your work.

avoid gossiping

8. Avoid distractions:


When you are at work avoid distractions. Don’t hang out with your coworkers in the pantry area most often. You can do it occasionally, but don’t make it a habit to gossip. Don’t check personal stuff at your office, you can do it during breaks. Thus avoid these small distractions; this can lead you to more productivity at work.

say truth

9. Be straightforward:


It’s important to be straightforward at your work. You need to learn to say NO. It’s much needed and it’s the toughest thing to do. Don’t commit to things, that you cannot do it thus be practical and say a straightforward no. This will help you to enhance your productivity.

take rest

10. Go for a power nap:


Many studies have shown that power nap increases efficiency and productivity. A short nap can surely help you to focus more on your work and make you feel fresh and energized. But make sure you don’t sleep for more than 20 minutes, limit your nap time or else it will lead you to trouble.

These ten tips can help you to increase your productivity and be the best employee of your company. Follow them to reach your future goals easily.

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  • HopeJoyShalom

    I love this article for many reasons, I think it clearly contridicts all those stupid narrow job ads you see all the time now asking for fast paced, mulit-tasking, high energy, learn on the go, move, move, move type of people when in fact it is the contimplative, thinking, experienced, afternoon power napper, planner type person who is your most productive person. Logically, a company/recruiter should be looking for the most productive person and not the fastest person i.e. the fastest typist with the most mistakes vs the typist with no mistakes. So unless you want the person on speed, maybe Mr/Ms Company, you should rethink who you need the most in your company right now and in the future considering the average length of service, now, is around 2 years. By the time you find all of the mistakes, they are gone. Maybe who you thought was the best candidate actually ended up in the trash. Think about it.

  • Deborah Swaitkewich

    I worked in a call center where conditions were the opposite of those suggested in this article. The Reps had to answer a constant stream of calls and try to do a ton of things such as training exercises in the short time between calls.You had to maintain a very fast call handling speed. A high ability to multitask was mandatory in order to do this. Each call had a case. You had to get the main details of each case while talking to the caller. You then went on to the next call and finished the cases in between calls. If you didn’t have enough time between calls you did it on your break.They would also give mini quizzes via email while you were answering calls. What they wanted were robots. It seems most employers looking to fill the few positions that are available want the same.

  • Colleen

    I like this article but there are a good number of typos and a lack and an overuse of commas (so rare to see both at the same time).