10 Most High Paying and Least Stressful Jobs

Many people are unable to cope with stress. It wreaks havoc with their health and mood. Such people often end up venting out their frustration and anger at home. Thankfully, you can still 10 most high paying and least stressful jobs at the same without sacrificing.

Those looking for low-stress jobs often think they would have to compromise on their salary and hence, they are not keen on opting for such jobs. On the contrary, there are many jobs out there that offer satisfaction without causing your cortisol levels and blood pressure to rise.

Creamy Job Options

1. Librarian


Becoming a librarian is not longer a boring and dull job. Technology has made it possible to store information about the books digitally. However, being a librarian is more than just archiving books and reading materials. It offers an opportunity to help readers find what they are looking for and this can be an extremely satisfying experience.

The average annual salary for a librarian is about $55,370 and you must have an undergraduate degree. If you love books and enjoy reading, this low-stress job is the perfect one for you.

2. Geographer


You would require a Master’s degree to become a geographer and earn big bucks. However, you can join entry level positions with an undergraduate degree, as well. If you love nature and are curious about the physical aspects of Earth’s surface, being a geographer can be a fulfilling job. You will get to visit different places around the world for your research. And, the compensation is not bad either.

The median annual salary of a geographer is $75,610. The salary becomes quite attractive when you realize the stress levels of this job are next to nothing.

3. Political Scientist

Political Scientist

Politics is stressful and you definitely require a thick skin to be part of this ilk. But being a political scientist is not really that stressful. If you have master’s or doctoral degree in political science, you can study and develop the political system to perform better.

As a political scientist, you will be earning approximately $104,000 annually without having to deal with high stress levels. 

4. Audiologist



In case you like helping people and want to work in a quiet environment, this is a wonderful job. You can work in a school with kids, nursing home or even a medical office. An audiologist helps people with hearing problems. He identifies the problem and suggests a remedy for it.

With no stress whatsoever, it can be a pleasure to earn an average of $69,720 annually. Of course, you would have to study to become an audiologist.

5. Material Scientist

Material Scientist

You need a minimum of Master’s degree to become a material scientist, but there are entry level positions for professionals with bachelor’s degree. However, if you want to enjoy the high pay levels that material scientists command, getting a higher degree will help your cause. A material scientist earns around $494,350 annually.

A material scientist studies matter and substances at molecular levels to find out how different substances react with one another. Then this knowledge is used to develop new products or even improve existing products.

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6. Tenured University Professor

Tenured University Professor

Well, reaching the level of tenured university professor can be stressful, as it requires hours of research and then publishing your work in credible journals and magazines. However, once you achieve this, it is easy going. A tenured professor in a university earns anywhere from $68,970 to $95,000 annually.

Tenured university professors are highly respected in their fields of work and have the luxury of controlling their workload and also working on a flexible schedule.

7. Food Scientist

Food Scientist

would require a doctoral degree to become a food scientist. And, as one, you will be responsible for ensuring agricultural establishments produce safe food for the masses using hygienic and productive production techniques and methodologies.

As a food scientist, you will be earning about $66,870 annually and will be working in a low-stress environment.

8. Mathematician


If you are good with numbers, this is a career option you should look at closely. It involves research in fundamental math and also looks at applying math in the fields of science and management. Most private employers want mathematicians with doctoral degrees, but government organizations accept candidates with undergraduate degrees.

Being a mathematician is quite lucrative, as the average annual salary is about $104,350.

9. Dietitian


Today, people have become more conscious about what they put into their mouths and this has increased the demand for dietitians. You can work in a school, nursing home or hospital. If you are good and have the funds, you can open up your own office, as well.

As a salaried dietitian, you will be earning around $55,240 annually on an average, but the working environment usually is pleasant and stress-free.

10. Physicist


This is perhaps the most lucrative career opportunity out there. If you enjoy researching into physical phenomena and then developing theories based on them, you will excel in this field. However, you will need a doctoral degree to become a physicist.

But all the years of study would be worthwhile when you enjoy an annual pay check of $117,300 as a physicist on an average and still get free time for yourself and your loved ones.

So, if you are looking to get out of the rat race and work in an environment that is less stressful, these are some of the career options you can choose. Remember, you would need to qualify for these jobs with the right education. But once you opt for them, you can enjoy your work and get more time to spend with your family and loved ones. So, studying for these low stress and high pay jobs makes it completely worthwhile.

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