The Most Satisfying Jobs In 10 Major U.S. Cities

Job satisfaction leads to meaningfulness of job in your life. Research shows that when people are properly compensated and have a work-life balance, they draw immense satisfaction from their jobs. Such professionals are happy, content and productive as they enjoy a perfect combination of having satisfying jobs in USA that can make a difference to those around them and sufficient time to spend with their loved ones.

Here, we have researched 10 most satisfying jobs, as these work profiles have given them the significance and purpose, which really helped employees to discover meaning in their lives.

10 Most Satisfying Jobs in Major US Cities


1. Property Manager, Atlanta

A Property Manager in Atlanta, Georgia's Mid-career median pay $56,000/p.a

When the subprime crisis brought about a fall in the housing market, property prices plunged with people having more mortgage debts compared to the value of their properties. However, Atlanta is leading the way in the resurgence of property market and property managers are helping them live the American dream - owning their own home at affordable prices.

A property manager in Atlanta is more or less financially stable, with median pay for a mid-career property manager standing at $56,000 per annum in Atlanta, Georgia.


2. Sales Manager, Baltimore

A Sales Manager in Baltimore, Maryland's- Mid-career median pay $112,000/p.a

After the Inner Harbor was redeveloped in the 1970s, Baltimore has become a symbol of urban renewal. It has attracted many businesses in the service sector and it is home to the renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins University.

Baltimore’s service-centered economy has paved way for sales managers, who can look to earn a mid-career sales manager median pay of $112,000, which is intensely gratifying Baltimore, Maryland.


3. Medical and Health Services Manager, Chicago

A Medical and Health Services Manager in Chicago, Illinois's- Mid-career median pay $84,900/p.a

Even though Chicago is home to business operations of renowned American industrialists and is considered a major financial hub, it is its medical and health services sector that is thriving and offers a satisfying career to those looking to serve others and improve their quality of life.

The city is home to Jesse Brown VA Hospital, University of Illinois Medical Center and Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Even American Medical Association, American College of Surgeons, American Dental Association, American Osteopathic Association and Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association are headquartered in Chicago.

This makes it possible for a medical and health services manager to enjoy a satisfying and fulfilling work experience while earning a mid-career Health Service Manager's median pay of $84,900 per annum in Chicago, Illinois.


4. Financial Manager, Detroit

A Financial Manager in Detroit, Michigan's- Mid-career median pay $82,400/p.a

While Detroit was famous for its automobile industry, its economy suffered immensely with the auto industry tanking. Even the city filed for bankruptcy a few years ago. However, through prudent financial management, Detroit exited Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcy in December 2014.

A financial manager in Detroit is happy and content because they can help people manage their finances more prudently so that they are not adversely affected by slowdown affecting the city’s economy. Added to this satisfaction, a financial manager in a mid-career position's Financial Manager earns a median pay of $82,400 per annum in Detroit, Michigan.


5. Petroleum Engineer, Houston

A Petroleum Engineer in Houston, Texas's- Mid-career median pay $167,300/p.a

Houston is long known for its energy industry, in particular its oil and natural gas industry. Even renewable energy sources are helping the city’s economy thrive. So it goes without saying that a petroleum engineer working in Houston’s oil and natural gas industry will be happy making a difference to the lives of laypeople.

A Petroleum Engineer in Houston, Texas in a mid-career position enjoys a median pay of $167,300 and has the distinction of helping the city, state and country become self-sufficient in their fuel needs.


6. Secondary School Teacher, Los Angeles

A Secondary School Teacher in LA, California's- Mid-career median pay $67,800/p.a

Although Los Angeles is the center for film and television industry, it is its educational opportunities that have created a satisfying environment for secondary school teachers.

These teachers get an opportunity to hone young minds, who will become the leaders of tomorrow. The teachers associated with the 162 Magnet schools have the resources to provide world-class education to second school goers.

A mid-career Secondary School Teacher in LA, California earns a median pay of $67,800.

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7. Human Resources Assistant, Miami

A Human Resources Assistant in Miami, Florida- Mid-career median pay $49,600/p.a

Miami may be a traveler’s paradise with its cafes and cigar shops reflecting the Cuban influences, but this resort city is also a hub for finance, entertainment, arts, media, commerce, international trade and culture.

This has opened up avenues for human resource assistants in Miami, who enjoy meeting the personnel needs of their organizations while giving individuals an opportunity to work and grow professionally in thriving workplaces.

A mid-career HR Assistant in Miami, Florida can earn a median salary of up to $49,600.


8. Merchandise Displayer and Window Trimmer, New York

A Merchandise Displayer and Window Trimmer in New York- Mid-career median pay $64,400/p.a

The Big Apple is home to the world’s 10 most visited attractions and the denizens speak 800 different languages. As a melting pot of cultures and iconic attractions like Times Square, Broadway, Wall Street, Chinatown and numerous bridges, New York is a hub for culture, fashion and tourism.

Hence, it hosts numerous stores that compete with one another to present their wares in a unique manner. This has given an opportunity to merchandise displayers and window trimmers to showcase their creativity and ingenuity. It can be extremely satisfying when you are given a free rein.

A displayer and window trimmer with a few years experience under their belt in New York can look to earn a median salary of $64,400 per annum.


9. Purchasing Manager, Philadelphia

A Purchasing Manager in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania- Mid-career median pay $92,800/p.a

Philadelphia is home to seven Fortune 1000 companies and is a hub for IT, oil refining, financial service, tourism, biotechnology, food processing and healthcare. With a thriving economy, the organizations in the cities have created innumerable opportunities for purchasing managers, particularly in the food and food processing sector.

A purchasing manager in a mid-career position in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania tries to get the best supplies and resources at affordable prices. Such a purchase manager earns a median salary of up to $92,800.


10. Engineering Manager, Phoenix

A Engineering Manager in Phoenix, Arizona's- Mid-career median pay $121,000/p.a

Construction is one the key industries in Phoenix. Real estate developers are not held back by planning and developing regulations and this has given rise to many construction projects within the city. Hence, engineering managers are in high demand, and a mid-level engineering manager in Phoenix, Arizona can look to earn a median salary of $121,000 while making sure the construction meets the needs of their clients.

Phoenix is home to four Fortune 500 companies and has a thriving avionics industry. It also has a military base in the western suburbs. The industries helped Phoenix recover nearly 83 per cent jobs that it lost during the recent global recession and this has breathed new life into real estate construction.


Job satisfaction is the key to a prosperous and productive nation. When employees are content with what they do and achieve, it triggers economic growth and prosperity for all stakeholders.



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