Valentine’s Day Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts for the Office

We spend most of our waking hours with colleagues so it’s quite possible that Valentine’s Day may evoke amorous feelings in our heart. However, when at office even romance need to follow decorum. So, you need to hold your heart and celebrate this day of love without actually making anyone at your working environment feel awkward or get the wrong message.

Here are some tips that will help you make Valentine’s Day a healthy and fun celebration at your workplace.

employee holding rose on valentine's day

Refrain from Flirting

Flirting at Workplace

Do not use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to flirt with your colleagues. It could send out the wrong message and things could get out of hand. You could end up being charged with workplace sexual harassment. While it is okay to wish your colleagues and co-workers, but flirtation is a big no-no.

Keep Your Office Love Life for Home

Office Valentine's Day Propose

If you are in a relationship with a colleague or co-worker, do not use your office as way to display your love and flaunt your relationship. Instead keep the chocolates and flowers for the time when the two of you are alone at home. While your office may know about your relationship, it is best to keep aside your feelings at work.

Bring Treats for Everyone

Office Valentine's Day Party

Rather than going in for a gifts that could be misconstrued, it is best to stick to cookies and chocolates if you want to celebrate this day at your workplace. Ensure you carry enough for all your co-workers and colleagues, so that everyone gets a taste and there is no room for misunderstandings.

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Don’t Give a Gift or Card to One Person

Precious Gift

Remember, giving a gift or card to just one colleague can upset and hurt other colleagues. So rather than getting into this situation, you should steer clear of giving gifts or cards to anyone. The other option is to give gifts or cards to everyone in your office, but this could work out to be an expensive proposition.

It’s Okay to Wish Colleagues

Wishing Valentine's day

You do not have to act as though there is no such thing as Valentine’s Day. It is perfectly alright to wish your colleagues on this day, as long as you do not cross the line. A simple Happy Valentine’s Day will suffice. Forget hugging and kissing on the cheek.

Wear a Festive Color to Work

Happy Valentine Lady

While you may not be cheering love from the rooftop of your office, you can still wear something festive to work on Valentine’s Day. If your office policy permits, wear a red color outfit to celebrate this day. Pink too is fine.

Arrange a Potluck Lunch

Pizza Treat

The fact that you will be spending this day at work, you can organize a potluck lunch with your department colleagues. Ask everyone to bring something, so that all of you can sit together and share a meal. This is a great way to celebrate this day without letting things get awkward.

Do Not Profess Your Love to a Colleague

Propose on Workplace

Just because Valentine’s Day is a day of love does not mean that you go and profess your love to a colleague. Firstly, it is inappropriate and secondly, the feelings may not be reciprocated. So save yourself the embarrassment and behave normally with everyone, including your love interest.

You can have fun on Valentine’s Day at your place of work without getting into something you may regret later. Use these tips to enjoy this day, so that the following day you can go to work with your head held up high.

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