Motivate Your Employees with These Halloween Activities

Even though Halloween is not a national holiday, the scale it is celebrated on makes it feel like one. Unfortunately, all employees have to go to work on this day of trick-and-treat, so it makes sense to shed some of the usual office protocol and make your workplace a day of fun. While you can expect less work on this day, you may use the occasion to boost the spirit and motivation levels of your employees so that they feel happy working in your organization. So make sure you add an element of fun and horror to your workplace on Halloween!

Celebrating Halloween at Workplace

Tips For Celebrating Halloween at Workplace

1. Encourage Employees to Dress Up

Costume Ideas

Let your employees do away with their regular work clothes and don some costume to commemorate this day. Many employees suffer from work-related stress and encouraging them to do something fun is a good way to combat this stress. Just make sure you let them know to put on work-appropriate clothing. You can add more fun into this day by hosting a “best costume” competition. The winner can get the rest of the day off or enjoy a gift card for a restaurant in the vicinity.

2. Have Treats for Everyone

Trick or Treat

There is nothing like welcoming your employees or visitors with a sweet treat for Halloween. If you like, you can place a bag of goodies on each table and keep a bowl of candy at the reception to greet visitors who come to your office. Even though it is a simple gesture, it will make your employees happy and get them to be more productive on this day.

3. Host an End of the Day Office Party

Halloween office party

An hour before the end of the work day you can host an office party for your employees. Have the party in the office and get caterers to serve Halloween themed snacks and beverages. If you like, you can have the party at a local bar or entertainment complex. Just make sure you book the place in advance. A party is a good opportunity for employees to socialize and increase inter-department understanding. It is a good opportunity to boost teamwork.

4. Decorate Office with Halloween Decorations

Decorations Ideas

Not only should you decorate your workplace with Halloween decorations, encourage your employees to decorate their cubicles and workstations, as well. Try and make the individual decorations into competitions, so that everyone gets involved and enjoys Halloween at the workplace rather than sitting glum and wondering what is happening back home.

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5. Get Employees to Volunteer

Halloween Dress

There is no doubt most employees will be impatient for the workday to finish and get home. Rather than deal with jumpy and antsy employees, get them to volunteer at an animal shelter or local soup kitchen. It is a wonderful way to keep them busy and give something back to the community you operate-in. Above all, it can work as a good marketing strategy for your business.

6. Host Halloween-Themed Games and Activities

halloween fun games

While there is work to do, you should not forget most of your employees will be waiting the end of the day to head back home and enjoy this day with their family and near and dear ones. So, you can boost the office morale by planning a few Halloween-activities, such as pumpkin carving contest and guess the number of candies in a jar.

7. Forget You are the Boss

Dressing Ideas

Just for one day forget you are the boss and join in the fun. You will be amazed how happy your employees will be to see you in action and participating in all the activities and games. Even if you have deadlines to meet, taking an hour to let down your hair and spend time with your employees will go a long way in boosting their morale and spirits. The fun will make you and your employees more productive.

Indulging in a bit of fun activities on Halloween will work as a stress buster for your employees and help them become more productive in the crucial last two months of the year. Also, if any of your employees are busy in an important assignment make sure to hang a do-not-disturb board before their cubicle.

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