Advantages and Disadvantages of Using LinkedIn for Job Search

Though there are many social networking sites catering to the business needs of users, LinkedIn is currently the most popular social networking sites for business. If used in the right way, LinkedIn can prove to be quite beneficial for job seekers. While it can take quite a bit of time to connect with the right people through the social networking site, the results are worth the time and effort spent.

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But even as there are several advantages of using LinkedIn, there can be some disadvantages for job seekers not using the site appropriately. We delve into both the advantages and disadvantages of LinkedIn to help you make the most of this social networking website.

Advantages Using LinkedIn for Job Search

Even though there is a recession going on and unemployment is high, majority of jobs is found via the so-called “hidden job market”. In other words, you will be able to find the best of jobs if you are able to network with the right people. This is where LinkedIn comes very handy. You can easily reach out to recruiters, classmates, old colleagues and like minded people. This will allow you to create a real online bond with them and they will be willing to help you out. The idea is to initially network and establish a virtual rapport and then proceed to ask for help.

LinkedIn has many members, who are decision-makers in their field. This allows you to get direct access to them. You can find out about their companies, job opening, corporate culture and news related to the organization via LinkedIn and other online sources.

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There are groups that can help you find the right job based on your experience and qualification. You should be able to weed out the groups that are of no use and join just those groups that have the potential. If you are active in these groups, you will be able to connect with decision-makers and hiring managers. The message boards also work in the same manner. You will be able to post your requirement or chat with other members and find out if there are current job openings in your town or city.

LinkedIn also has a job search tool that can prove to be extremely useful. Many organizations are posting their requirements in the job market that LinkedIn has to offer. As a result, these organizations are getting hundreds and thousands of applicants. If you want to stand out amongst the applicants, you would have to work out a strategy that helps you find the right job at the right time.

Disadvantages of Using LinkedIn for Job Search

While LinkedIn can be a powerful job search tool, there are some disadvantages too. Using the job search tool requires some time and effort. Just sending your resume blindly with the automated job search function will not give you the desired results. You will have to spend time building a brilliant profile that clearly highlights your skills, qualifications and abilities. This will take a couple of hours, but is worth it.

Furthermore, you will have to also spend time researching the organizations and companies in your town or city. The next step is to find out more about the companies in the industry you are interested in. Then locate their decision makers and start networking with them. Yes, networking takes time and it is not about sending a hurried email. You would need to invest time and energy to make the right connections and then let your brilliant profile do the rest. Most people do not have the patience to work along these lines and that is why they are unsuccessful in using LinkedIn for their job search endeavors.

Advantages of Online Job Search

One of the biggest advantages of searching jobs online is that you can do it in the comfort of your home. You do not have to drive from one company to another checking out the possible openings.

There are special job search websites that categorize jobs based on the function, skills, location and much more. So you can log onto these sites and check out jobs, just like you can do on LinkedIn job marketplace. This facility allows you to find the right job and company, and it also helps the company broaden its search to find appropriate candidates.

Online job search also allows you to get invaluable tips on how to draft your resume so that it stands out and compels the company to call you for an interview. As the initial interaction occurs online, your resume is the only way to create a good first impression and get called for an interview. Through the job searching website, you can also get tips on how to conduct yourself during interviews. These tips can prove to be a life-saver during difficult interviews.

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