9 Tips to Deal with Workplace Harassment and Intimidation

Workplace Harassment and bullying are common these days. It happens in many offices and departments. People have to deal with it and face it. If you too are facing workplace harassment, stop it right there. No one has the right to bully you or harass you, not even your boss. Understand this fact and work accordingly. Never allow anyone to insult you or use abusive words towards you. If you stop the harassment at the first approach, it will be good for you. Below are a few tips as to how to fight against workplace harassment and stop employer bullying or intimidating.

Workplace Haressment

1. Note it down: When something wrong happens with you, note it down immediately. Keep a detailed journal of what has happened and when it happened. Note as many details as you can since these will help you later on.

2. Note the eyewitnesses: If there is a witness to your case, note down his/her name and their details. This witness may help you solve the case later on. They may even help you when you complain to your senior managers or boss.

awkward-office-situations3. Raise your voice: If something wrong is happening to you, raise your voice. Don’t be calm and sit still. Tell the offender what he has done wrong and his/her behavior is not at all tolerable. You can also threaten the offender to report the incidence to the higher authorities.

4. Take the help of company resources: When something wrong is happened to you, use the company resources like the harassment mediator, adviser or any HR person who is responsible for looking into these matters. In some companies there is an employee assistance program running; you can take help from such programs and report to them the problems you have faced.

awkward-office-situation5. Are there other victims? Find out if there are any other victims who have faced the same harassment as you have. Check if other victims have complained in the past about such things. The more victims, the stronger the case.

6. Report to the union representative: If you are in the union, you need to speak with the union representative. The representative works for your welfare and interest and it’s best to tell them the truth. You can also join the union if you are not a member.

7. Be rigid and firm: Whenever the harasser is abusing you, you need to act and make it clear that it is not at all tolerable. You may be criticized if you have taken a sexual joke as harassment, but be firm to whatever you think. Don’t let other people rule you and don’t consider it as a joke. If you feel it’s abusing, you have all the rights to stop it there and then.

8. Don’t lose your temper: To be harassed in not a small thing, but don’t lose your temper, or the offender will get a chance to prove you wrong. Be calm and act at the right time with the right attitude. Plan out entirely and work accordingly. You need to make sure that you are not proved wrong in any case.

9. Avoid the offender: Try to avoid the offender as much as you can. This may be a difficult task for you, but work on it. Keep records of the previous things that happened to you, and this will help in avoiding the same thing repeating.

Regrettably, harassment and trying to intimidate forcefully in the workplace is the worst thing that happens, and it’s important to figure out the problem and deal with it. Take these steps and deal with the harassment with courage; know your rights and act accordingly to punish the offender.

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  • Rachael Hartman

    Though I have had a few great leaders that I’ve worked for, I have unfortunately had several “bully” bosses too. It’s very discouraging and I don’t understand why it happens. My first thought is often, “It’s me, I’m doing something wrong.” Then I start to get a clue, and start writing incidences down. I have a difficult time with confrontation. I’m often left tossing and turning at night, withdrawn at work, and full of anxiety when the next incident will happen. I’ve stood up for myself before, which has led to being fired and “laid off.” I’m a good worker. I mind my own business. I do my work. I don’t gossip or try to push my way. I don’t understand why I have run into so many bully bosses. It’s hard for me to be motivated to try again.

  • Fred

    Lots of great tips & advice here. If you’ve been bullied or exploited by a manager at work, and feel helpless to do anything about it due to fear of retaliation, try https://unite4right.com

    It will allow you to secretly reach out to other colleagues who may have faced the same situation, but like you are scared to do something about it.