7 Tips to Deal with Annoying Colleagues at Workplace

Every office has its share of annoying colleagues who fall heavy upon the rest. You can hate them as much as you want, but they make sure they are difficult to be ignored. But a few simple tips could help you remain peaceful and continue doing your job –

Annoying Colleague

Don’t rise to their bait
They may spread rumours and cause trouble for you. They may be obvious enough. But don’t fall for it. They already look foolish with what they do and you don’t need to join the bandwagon.

Know what to do
Go through your job description thoroughly. Anybody in the position of power will have no power over anything you do outside it. So if an annoying colleague is bothering you outside it, you better cut him out.

Be visibly indispensable
Build a trust network and be the keeper for all the information. Be on top of everything and dig out as much information as you can so those annoying colleagues can’t misguide you and distract you from the track.

Anticipate and walk
If some annoying colleague has gotten in your way, then be prepared with all the facts and figures you can lay your hands upon in order to mitigate it.

Rope in the HR whenever needed
It is the HR department’s job to take care of the employees and address their grievances. Most annoying colleagues always want an easy life and would never ever want their actions and impacts to be escalated to any level. A simple HR warning could do wonders for you and have the annoyers off your scent for a very long time.

Avoid Conflict
No matter what way you find to mitigate issues, one of the easy ways to have a peaceful work life would be to avoid crossing paths with that bunch of annoying colleagues out there. But then of course, there are times and cases when there is no way you could avoid it.

Keep looking
Though it would be like escapism, there wouldn’t be much harm in looking for new jobs. But if you feel it would adversely affect your career or your resume and you would have to stick somehow, anyhow, try every possible way, but even then, keep looking.

Annoying colleagues are everywhere, in every office. They are like the 800-pound gorilla, who sleeps where it wants to, eats what it wants to and does what it feels like, throwing it’s weight out and around everywhere. After all, its 800 pounds, right? And they like being in their comfort zone, which often means creating trouble and problems for the others around them. It is then your prerogative to decide what you want to do and how you want to deal with it.

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