How a Clean Office Can Boost Productivity– Infographic

Surprising as it may seem, one of the biggest obstacles to a company’s productivity is an untidy, unhygienic workspace. At surface level, a bit of clutter or a less than desirable scent might not appear to be an obvious barrier to productivity, but when you examine the topic further, you’ll see that clean offices and high productivity levels go hand in hand.

A workspace that’s riddled with pungent odors not only messes with people’s ability to concentrate but is likely to result in employees picking up illnesses that will force them to take time off, with this increased absenteeism inevitably affecting the company’s output. Even from a psychological standpoint, people would be far more motivated to come into a workplace that’s clean and pleasant than one which looks like it has just been ransacked by burglars.

Another major impediment to getting work done is the time that’s lost in searching for documents and papers that should be structured in a filing system. Research from the International Data Corporation concluded that the average workplace is hit by $2.5 million a year from lost productivity arising from time wasted on trying to find important documents.

Here is an infographic from Cleaning Services Group which discusses in further detail how the cleanliness of a workspace can have a significant effect on that company’s productivity. It turns out that a clean office is not just nicer to be in but also helps people to produce better work.

How a clean office can boost productivity – Infographic

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