Professional Etiquette for Job Seekers and Recruiters – Infographic

Anyone who’s had at least a few brushes with the world of job seeking are more than willing to give out various pointers and tips about the whole affair, but things can start to fall to confusion with so many advices and pointers from everyone else. Even recruiters are not safe from the plethora of “do’s and don’ts” of job seeking (in their case, entertaining and considering job seekers).

Being on your best behavior is always important, but a good professional etiquette is more essential and more critical when one is looking for a job or a new talent for a company. For job seekers, failing to create a positive and lasting impression during the initial assessment can hinder their chances of moving forward in the hiring process. For recruiters, even the slightest mistake during the hiring process could cause them to potentially lose a valuable client.

Keeping up to date with the overwhelming amount of job search trends, hiring protocols, and interview practices can be very stressful. These trends are also prone to quickly changing. In this infographic by PhilExeq, we explore the rules that forever matter for both job seekers and recruiters during the hiring process.

Hiring process etiquette

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