10 Types of Hateful Employees All Workplaces Have- Infographic

A workplace filled with motivated and satisfied individuals who work together in team spirit without back biting and complaining is a dream of most employers as well as employees. However, in reality, there could be many individuals in any workplace that cause dissent and disharmony and are disliked by almost all around including their bosses.

Here we list 10 most hated types of employees. Checkout the list- 1. Those who don’t meet deadlines 2. The constant complainer 3. The time squatters 4. The annoying workaholic 5. The Good for nothing 6. The internet junkies 7. The nit-pickers 8. The incompetent prodigy 9. The toxic shooters 10. The lazy slob.

1. Those who don’t meet deadlines

One of the most frustrating things at work is an employee missing a deadline or forgetting it due to omission. The attitude of the employee becomes further infuriating when an employee takes this situation casually and don’t even offer any explanation why it happened. Missing a deadline can cause a snowball effect, causing an organization to miss targets and achieve less than expected results.

Sometimes a delay could be because of a flaw in the planning stage, in such situations an employee should keep the manager in the loop. In other situations, a delay could be caused due to the inefficiency of the employee who takes up more work than he is really capable of just to please the bosses.

2. The constant complainer

In every office there are those individuals who complain about everything. Nothing is fair and they imagine or feel that they always deal with unfairness and are at the receiving end. They find faults in their colleagues and co-workers and have something to say about everybody – how people report in late for work, or spend their time chatting around and so on. They feel they are the ones constantly slaving away and are not compensated adequately for their hard work.

3. The time squatters

Such employees tend to fill offices by the droves! They while away at work by taking long coffee breaks, taking time out to stretch their legs or get some fresh air, running unnecessary errands, chatting non-stop, visiting the bank on some pretext or taking a break to get their nicotine fix. As a result, such employees hardly get any work done and this doesn’t seem to bother them one bit.

4. The work-round-the-clock types

Another extreme set of employees are those annoying workaholics. These are individuals who generally suffer from some deep-seated psychosomatic issues and are socially inept. Alternatively, they could be very motivated and ambitious. They put in extra-long hours at work, don’t believe in taking breaks and even love working on holidays and weekends. These are indications that they are running away from something. They lack a work-life balance and can easily burn up.

5. The I-need-pat-on-the-back-all-the-time employee

These employees are quite easy to spot in any office. They need reassurance all the time and cannot stand criticism, but are ready to condemn others. They constantly seek approval and praises and expect recognition for small and mundane things – like turning up on time for work every day. They constantly need a pat on their back and expect a promotion at the drop of a hat.

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10 most hated employee types- Infographic

6. The Internet junkies

These internet junkies are not just the normal time wasters, as they give the illusion of working, rather than wondering about. They sit quietly at their desk but are addicted to the Internet. They spend their time surfing, updating their Facebook status, tweeting or shopping online. All this translates into deadlines being overrun and work left undone.

7. The nit pickers

The issue with nit pickers is that they are perfectionists who make everyone else’s life a misery by finding mistakes and errors in their work. They are afraid of failure and try and project this fear onto others. This makes them overcritical. They are ready to pounce at the slightest mistake of others. As managers, they often find it quite difficult to delegate work. They are always confident that they are the best choice for any assignment and no one can do it better. These perfectionists make teamwork very difficult.

8. The incompetent prodigy

These employees are socially in another planet. They lack social skill, are inept and behave like bulls in a china shop. They put their feet in their mouths literally, passing uncomfortable remarks without understanding or meaning. They dress inappropriately, but for all this social malfunctioning, the person is talented and hardworking. However, his lack of comprehension and adherence to societal etiquette makes him quite a loose cannon.

9. The toxic shooters

These negative employees are the first to point out problems and obstacles, and are constantly pessimistic about anything that happens in the workplace. Their toxic effect spreads and contaminates the atmosphere at the workplace and the negativity tends to get people down. These whiners are always complaining about everything and for them, nothing ever seems to go right. As this attitude is contagious, finding out the real reason for the dissatisfaction is important when dealing with such employees.

10. The lazy slob

Being a lazy slob really can be very off putting in an office, especially when it comes to matters of personal hygiene and eating and drinking habits. And, let’s not forget how such a person keeps a messy and untidy desk that can make the office look unkempt and dirty. These hateful employees are often laid back about everything and could not care that their behavior is obnoxious or habits are unpleasant and irritating for their colleagues and co-workers.

Any of the above behavior and mannerisms is very irritating and can wreak havoc in the workplace. People displaying such attitude are generally not liked by anyone, especially their immediate supervisors, co-workers and bosses.

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  • Haha, great infographic! I find the Time Squatters and the Annoying Workaholics the most difficult to work with

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