Top Summer Jobs for Students and New Graduates

When summers are nearby, the students and new graduates start searching for their weekend or part-time jobs to earn money and gain some experience. Students want to get this job for many reasons like paying their rent, tuition fees, going for a holiday, etc. There are few places that provide a handsome amount of salary to the students and new graduates. Below are some of those jobs that can help students to survive on their own.

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Library Assistant

library Assistant

College students and fresh graduates usually keep their eye on library assistant jobs. By doing this job, they can study and explore various books. The responsibilities of a library assistant include supervising the library room and maintaining a quiet atmosphere for the teachers and other students. Working as a library assistant is fun and easy. It is also a well-paid job. Other library jobs include book return checking, printing center jobs, etc.



There are many avid photographers in every town. Normally students take photography as their hobby and keep clicking pictures to create good memories. These hobbies can be turned into a great paying job though. It requires a high quality camera and other equipment to land the job, apart from the desired skills and talent. There are a few students who work as wedding photographers and earn thousands of dollars per wedding. There are many other jobs like portrait and lifestyle photography that are included in this highly paid part time job.

Administrative Department Assistant

Administrative Department Assistant

An Administrative Department Assistant job is a well paid option for students and fresh graduates. During this time, you can learn a lot of things. Students can find these jobs by searching the internet or checking out their college websites. Many department deans, heads and professors hire administrative assistants to do their daily jobs. Due to their hectic schedule, they are not able to fulfill their work requirements and hire administrative assistant and pay them good.



Babysitting is not a job for everyone. You can find jobs anytime you are in need of money. If you love children and want them around you, this is by far the best option. Though, it’s messy and you need to do a lot of hard work, the pay is worth. You can find this job in your neighborhood allowing you to enjoy the surrounding also.


Piano Instructor

You can be the instructor if you have expertise in any field. If you play piano, guitar, are good at math, skating or a foreign language, you can be an instructor. Tutors are well paid in the industry and get a lot of respect from their fellow students. If you are fond of teaching and want to share your experience and knowledge, instructor jobs are the best for you. Instructors who are really good in their subjects can even set a specific rate based on the hour they provide services.

Freelance Worker

Frelance Worker

Many companies nowadays hire freelance workers to do their daily jobs. They hire these workers and pay them well. Students and new graduates can apply to these jobs and take advantage of the work. Building websites or writing freelance content are some of the freelance jobs available online. To be a part of this, students can build their network and an online profile. This will help them to get access to various jobs available online and offline both. Blog provides latest career news, career advice, interview tips, job search tips and also human resource tips. Get Connected with JobCluster by just subscribing our newsletter. JobCluster is a rising job search engine in USA. JobCluster is completely free for job seekers. Search for jobs in USA, sign up and apply instantly with your active resume, employers can also post jobs in USA.

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