5 Situations That Warrant a Job Change

Time for change the job

A job change can help to notably enhance your career opportunities if done for the right reasons. There is no point in proving your loyalty if you think your career growth is being compromised. You should consider a job change if you find yourself in anyone of these situations –

1. Job Insecurity

Job Insecurity

The company with which you may be currently working with may not be doing all that well. The signs to keep a watch on include –

          • No salary increments under the pretext of non-performance
          • Employees are struggling to get some challenging work on their desk
          • Couple of your colleagues have been fired
          • Your salary is getting delayed
          • Senior team members are quitting

If you find these symptoms, it is time for you to hurry up and look for a change. It is best to remain alert, so that before your colleagues wake up and flood the job portals with their CVs, you are already there in the right job.

2. Being Paid Less than Your Peers

Less paying to employees

It is best to stay abreast about how your peers are performing in the job market. Know how much they are drawing and if you find your salary is notable lower, it is time for you to hunt for a new job. In many cases it is not the employee capability that restricts him from drawing what he really deserves, but it is because of the employer’s incapability to pay the employee his deserving salary.

3. Lack of Challenges

Lack of Challenging Work

Career can progress, only if your current job allows you to grow in terms of your responsibilities and challenge. It is only with challenges that an employee can look to improve his worth in the job market. If you think you are stuck up with the same routine and there are no more challenges for you in the organization, it is time for you to switch. Look for a job that can provide you with higher challenges. This will help you shape up to become a more evolved and smarter employee that employers would cherish to hire and retain.

4. You Get a Great Opportunity

Found Great Oppotunity

You may be quite satisfied with your current role and the salary as well, but an opportunity has just come that looks to be very attractive from a long term career perspective. Do not shy away. Rather go ahead and grab it. Opportunity never knocks twice. If you think this is what you always dreamt of, there is no point leaving it for whatever reasons.

5. You may be in the Right Job, but not the Right Place

Not the Right Place

Getting the right job that is a perfect fit to your temperament is alone not enough. Unless you work in a city, where there are ample amount of similar job openings, you will neither get the pay cheque you deserve nor the quality of challenges that you aspire. If there is not enough competition among employers for retaining smart employees like you, you will never discover your true value.

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