13 Ways To Enjoy Your Work Week Feel More Like The Weekends

How many of us live life from weekend to weekend? All through the week, we keep waiting for Friday, then we have all the fun we can on Saturday and relax it out on Sunday, and by the time it is Sunday night, we start waiting for the next weekend to come along.

In the middle of all this, we grow to hate the weekdays, not just hate them, hate them but we can’t ditch them because it is these weekdays that pay for all the weekend madness. But why can’t we just stop hating weekdays so much and enjoy them just like we enjoy our weekends?

We can, if we want to, and who is to stop us? Done properly, it can be harmless and we can thereby organize our weekdays to maximize our health, productivity and well-being.

1. Take a different route to work
Every day you wake up and drive down the same short, time saving route to office. One day, why not leave home a little early and explore some other route to the office, may be one that goes by the sea or by some busy city street or something that will bring in a change to the daily drudgery of driving to office in a rush to reach on time. A new route to office means a new beginning to the day and it could go a long way in changing how your day goes. It affects your mood and makes you happy. Change generally drives away the monotony of routine.

2. Add a dash of color and style
Try out a new lip color or a new shade of an eye shadow or may be just a new shade of a nail polish. If you are a man, then these obviously don’t apply to you, but you could try a new bow tie, or a new color of socks or pocket squares. Try wearing some sexy new lingerie beneath your dress. All this goes on to boost your confidence, making you feel good about yourself. And when you feel good about yourself, you feel happy and your day goes good.

3. Ditch your apartment
Pack your bag and check into a hotel. You don’t have to travel far and wide to enjoy the luxuries of staying in a hotel. So just pack up your bag one day and check into a nice, cosy hotel. You can go to office from there and come back to the hotel from there. Enjoying the room service pampering you, and no cleaning to do, no errands to run, no chores to do and everything is just taken care of, will make you feel so much better.

4. Place a bet
No, we don’t mean huge sums of money to be put on stake. But how about putting up the tabs on who will win in the football or baseball match tonight, all for a cup of coffee or a round of drinks at the pub your group likes hanging out at.

5. Make friends with a stranger
You go for a cup of coffee or to grab breakfast at the cafe near your office. You notice a stranger who is there every day just like you. So tomorrow when you go there, don’t just look at him or her and smile. Go up to him or her and talk to them, ask them what they do, where they work and try making friends. Well, you might even exchange numbers and end up making a good new buddy.

6. Take down a recipe off Google
Google is everywhere and there is no dish in the world that Google can’t help you cook. So just take down the recipe of your favorite dish from Google Recipes and try making it for dinner tonight. Worst case scenario if it ends up being disaster you can always order pizza and call it a fun-filled pizza night laughing out all your cooking woes.

Enjoy weekdays like weekends

7. Spy on someone (Just for fun)
After office as you go home, start following somebody a friend or eavesdrop on their conversation. But just be careful, you don’t want a 911 call on you. So draw a line when fun becomes serious business. But enjoy it to a limit and feel like James Bond!

8. Change the spices
You make pasta for lunch, how about adding in a dash of jalapenos? Or how about adding in some wasabi or red chillies to your snack? Just change the spices and see the mesmerizing effect? The Mistress of Spices wasn’t so elusive and fantastic for nothing!

9. Conjure a vacation
Start doing online research for a destination you so badly want to go to. You know you can’t afford it, you know you can’t make it, but rummaging through the photographs and information online will definitely leave you all charged up and excited and happy. It is almost like having had a vacation while still sitting in your office chair.

10. No water please
Give up on plain water. Pledge to have only coconut water or raspberry water or lemonade for one full day and see the fun, the next day having water will be heavenly, while the day you are on a ‘no-water’ pledge would become equally interesting.

11. Giving up your CDs
When you drive or you are home after work listening to music, don’t put on your CDs. Instead put on Pandora or Spotify. And then take up every suggestion they make. You will be surprised at the number of songs you never knew existed. Who knows you might end up finding new favorite songs!

12. Get a new look
Get a new haircut or just a simple makeover. If you keep your hair down every day to office, tie them in a ponytail or a classy bun. If you tie them up every day, leave them open. If you keep a left parting, do a right parting today. If you have never used gel and got spikes, make them spiky or tie them up into a small pony. Grow a goatee or a French beard. New look, new day!

13. Move the couch
How long has your couch laid in the same position? It’s time for a change. So move around your couch. Ditch the same six dining table chairs. Get new chairs and make sure each one is different at the table. You don’t put six same chairs in the living room, then why should the dining table be any different?

Small changes go a long way and making up your weekday!


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