Habits That Make People Exceptionally Happy

These days we make to do things for everything, we put up post-its for everything we should be doing. Look around, there will be people who would even have post-its that say something like, “Drink Water”, “Smile”, “This too shall pass”, etc. But does inculcating such habits make us happy? Or do we just pretend to be happy? Are there really any habits that set the really exceptionally happy people from the other people? Yes, there are; take a look –

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Cut the blame games

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So much of our time and energy goes in blaming other people for things that happen in our life. Your boss didn’t pay attention to your work so you didn’t get a good appraisal, your friend decided his girlfriend was more important that you are so he cancelled the weekend road trip you had planned and now you are stranded alone for the weekend. This happened to you because of her and that happened to you because of him, it never really stops, does it? And do you really feel better after blaming everyone for everything? No, it doesn’t really. Stop blaming, start taking responsibility. Let the reigns of your life be in your hands and not in anybody else’s. You are the one responsible for anything and everything that happens to you in your life. Period.

Talk to people, not about people

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If you have a problem with someone, get up, go to that person and tell them. Try understanding things from that person’s perspective first, try keeping yourself in his position and in his shoes and understand if things could have been different. Get as much information about the situation as you can. Then if you feel there is still a problem go to them and say it politely. If it still bothers you, try being a little firm. This is still much better than back biting and talking behind the back about someone. Talk to people, not about people. You wouldn’t like somebody talking behind your back either. What goes around, comes around!

First things first, take things one at a time

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It is good to multitask a lot of the times. It helps to get done a lot of things that need your attention simultaneously. However, you cannot always multitask everything. There will be times when you have things that need your undivided attention. At such times, prioritize what should come first and what should go next. Then do the first things first. Sometimes, it is good to take things a little slowly and bite only as much as you can chew. Better do less, in a perfect manner than try doing a thousand things and end up doing a shoddy job at all of it.

Cultivate the art of listening

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You like talking, you like to be heard, you want people to know what you think, and you want them to pay attention. But did you ever think that they might want the same things. They would also want to be heard, they would also want to express themselves. And this doesn’t happen when you keep on interrupting them every time they try saying something to you. Speaking is something anybody can do, but the real art is the art of listening. When you listen, you make the other person feel important, and well, you might even end up learning a thing or two; no harm in it, you see.

Figure out who and what matters

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They say, those who matter will understand, and those who don’t matter, well what they think just doesn’t matter. The next time you spend time brooding and sulking and cribbing about what something or somebody did to you, take a step back and think. Think and analyze if that person or thing is really important in your life and if it matters in your life. If it doesn’t, then why waste your energy over it? Is that thing or person so important to you that you would let it ruin your mood?

It is the thought that matters

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When you go to sleep, as you lie in your bed, think. Think how you think. Are your thoughts something like – Nobody pays attention to me. Nobody cares whether I live or die. I am just good for nothing. If only my friends would notice me. If only my boss would listen to my ideas. If only I could have that car… or are your thoughts like – I have had a brilliant day today. I am doing a great job at work. I am prepared for tomorrow. I must buy a gift for my friend as it is his birthday tomorrow. I am going to go for a vacation soon…If you have the first type of thoughts, rest assured, happiness is something that will never ever even think of coming towards you. On the contrary, if your thoughts are of the second type, you are a happy person, an exceptionally happy person.

Past is gone, future has not arrived

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A lot of us hold our past responsible for a lot of our actions and behaviors today. How many of us continue to be victims and prisoners of our past and keep blaming it? It is time to grow up and let bygones be bygones. Today is a new day, a new beginning. Leave your past behind and be the master of your destiny. Your past is dead, bury and let it be in peace. Your present is all you have, make the most of it, don’t let anything or anybody cast a shadow over it.

A yes is a yes, a no is a no

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Have you ever said yes when you meant to say no or said a no when you meant to say yes. That guy you wanted to go out with it and he comes and asks you out and you chicken out thinking it will not work or what your friends will think and said no and then spent the rest of your life regretting it. You didn’t want to stay back late and do that presentation because you really had somewhere else to be, you had made plans; but you just couldn’t say no the way your boss said it, and ended up saying yes and then regretting it. Let a yes be a yes and a no mean a no. Nobody is going to dig deeper into your head and try figuring out what you actually meant and whether your yes actually meant a no, or your no actually meant a yes. So leave no regrets behind, and let a yes be a yes and a no be a no. If a question is asked, it is your prerogative to answer – be it a yes or a no! Let nobody dictate your choices to you.

We live just once. Now it is up to us whether we want to live it being exceptionally happy or spend all of it sulking, crying, depressed and making it full of regrets. Let there be no room for regrets, lets’ just be exceptionally happy and make the world a happy place to live in!

Know About The Science Of Happiness

The Science Of Happiness- infographic

Infographic Originally Post by: Happify

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  • Some good insights and advice and one old and stupid suggestion about someone being responsible for anything and everything that happens to them in life. Lewis says this is the insight about life that allows you to stop blaming others for your circumstances. And, in an attempt to allude to Jews “getting over” horrendous, brutal oppression, no doubt including the holocaust, Lewis says “the Jews did this.” No we didn’t stop and will never stop blaming the Nazis for murdering 6,000,000 of us. And, for damn sure, we we not in any way responsible for these murders! To imply this about the Jews because we were responsible for anything and everything that happened to us desacrates the memories of all that perished in this genocide. Lewis needs to make a simple suggestion – that we should take responsibility for our decisions and choices in life – without enlarging this sensible prescription for our behavior to the point where it becomes totally invalid and deprives us of our right to seek justice for harm done TO US by others.

    • Stop Racism

      Agree with Arthur Himmelman, sorry, but this article already lost me at “The Jews did this”, making a massive generalisation about an entire race who have suffered extreme brutality & risen from it, many moving forward to do great things- Albert Einstein, Jerry Seinfeld, Steven Spielberg, Bob Dylan, Elie Wiesel, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren to name a few… There seems to be a hidden agenda to this article, attempting to influence peoples opinions about Jews, being the first image that comes up in an article about ‘Happiness’ that rehashes what’s already been told…Not cool at all…

  • Joe Blow

    First, “Jews did this” picture was almost certainly not chosen to single out Jews, so please spare us the indignation. Yes, it was a stupid choice for a graphic (especially in this hypersensitive day and age), but it was used – as were the other annoying little video clips – to illustrate the broader point being made for each section. (I wonder how people would have reacted if that picture was a black person going “Whitey did this.”)

    That said, those clips and this article led me to believe that this was aimed at and frankly written by a teenager. It might pass on something like Facebook, but not a job/business-related site. For starters, I copied and pasted the entire article elsewhere to read, as that’s how annoying those video clips were. Not helping were the numerous and glaring grammatical errors. Finally, most of what was stated here either states the obvious to any grown adult with a clue or was just flat-out wrong, like “You are the one responsible for anything and everything that happens to you in your life. Period.” That is incorrect to the point of absurd and (along with the “Jews” video) severely eroded any hope the author had of me taking this article (or “blog” or whatever you care to call it) seriously.