8 Reasons Why You Don’t Get that Call from the Hiring Manager

It may so happen, that you finally receive the much awaited interview call for an opening you have been vying since long. And to your utmost delight, the interview went off well. You leave the hiring manager’s room with a sense of fulfillment and a smile on your face. You are quite confident of expecting a call from the recruiter any time soon. But days, or even after a few weeks have passed since and you are yet to receive a call. You even check your phone more than once to find out if you have missed a call or not. But alas! The call doesn’t come.

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Well, here are 8 probable reasons why you do not receive a call from the hiring managers.

1. An important decision making person is on leave
Hiring someone requires involvement of many key players. Someone important for hiring could be on vacation or sick leave and therefore the process is delayed. One has to wait till the person who will take the final call returns.

2. You are over or under-qualified for the jobs
It could sound a little strange but sometimes your over qualification could work against you or even the fact that you have more experience than is required for the job could be a hurdle. The position is at an entry level and they might not require a person with your level of experience. More often than not, it could also be the reverse. The recruiters were not very specific with the job description and they may find you insufficiently qualified or trained for the job.

3. Recruiters are busy
A typical hiring process might take a month’s time to select a suitable candidate for the position. A hiring manager could be interviewing about 15-30 people for a particular job opening which is definitely time consuming. Most hiring processes involve a multilevel selection process which eats up a lot of time. So you have to be patient and should not come to any negative conclusion too soon.

4. The position no longer exist
Sometimes many unavoidable circumstances might force an organisation to scrap the position that you had applied for. Budget constraints or priority may force the organisation to rethink the position. The hiring manager may forget to contact the candidate in such a situation.

5. Laziness of a hiring manager
Since the hiring manager is in the process of interviewing many candidates for several positions, he or she could be lazy to contact the candidate who has been rejected. If they feel that you do not fit the bill, they simply forget your resume and move on to the next candidate.

6. No follow-up from your side
If you think the employers will call you to give you a status of your position, you could be mistaken. You should take the initiative to follow-up with the hiring manager of the prospective employer. An email, if not a phone call will ensure that you are interested in the job, even if it means you are waiting for it since long.

7. Restructuring the job
Many a times in the absence a good candidate, the hiring managers opt to wait for sometime or even restructure the job description. The organisation reposts the job in the hope of getting a more suitable candidate for the position.

8. They have found someone else
Well, you won’t like to hear, but the fact could well be that they have found a more suitable candidate for the post. It could also well be they have found a candidate within the organisation from a different vertical or through a referral.

So, if you are waiting for an answer from the hiring manager, consider the above points before you could think of taking the next step!

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