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As the economic pressure is tightening up and competition is becoming stiffer an exponentially increasing number of organizations are realizing that the core strength of a company lies in its people. Companies are therefore strategizing to hire smart to ensure they have the right assets to survive and succeed. But at the same time they wish to cut-down on time and resources consumed in the hiring process to make the optimum utilization of resources and improve productivity. Read the Ideal hiring process guidelines which should be followed to hire a best employee.

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The traditional hiring process takes approximately about two months time and costs about 10-15% of an employee’s annual salary; this definitely affects a company’s budget. Hence most companies are keen to work on an ideal hiring process which can bring down both time and cost expend in recruitment but at the same time assist them hire the best fitting candidates who can help boost their productivity and profits.

Mentioned below are some strategic steps companies should take to grab the best people for their company in shortest time:

Put Significant Thought into the Job Description

As a first step to successful hiring, you must have it very clear in your mind on what the job role practically comprises. And then, with the same vividness, you must put across the description to prospective candidates.

A robust description should not only define job roles and responsibilities in detail, but should also present the big picture on how the role would contribute in meeting the company’s long-term objectives; a value-adding role is sure to attract good talent. Also, it will be great to include a brief on opportunities, challenges, and career growth ladder for the employee.

Then it is imperative that this document contains information on the ideal person you’re looking at recruiting. Put in it the necessary traits and also the preferred traits. It will also be beneficial if you make known to the applicants the culture of your place through this written description.

Frame the Application Process in Sync with Legalities

An employee application form, or even the information sought during the face-to-face interview for that matter, should comply with the employment laws of your state. For instance, discrimination based on race, caste, or religion is an offence, and any questions pertaining to these should be avoided at all times; you must come across as an unbiased, equalistic employer.

Another important legal aspect that comes in during the hiring process is that of performing background checks. In order to execute them legally, you need an approval from the candidate. And the checks should be in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Consulting a lawyer or your legal expert if you have one on-board from time to time will ensure that your recruitment processes keep in line with changing legal orders.

Infographic- The Ideal Hiring Process

Create an Immaculate Selection Procedure

All your interviews and written tests should be as precise and reasonable as possible. Going into unnecessary details, asking fancy questions, and being redundant is best avoided. A straight-forward selection procedure that aims at getting information required for you to determine the candidate’s suitability to the role on offer is what you should be looking at.

Also, if the open role is a one requiring specific functionality, it is essential that you include a written test of technical proficiency. Again, the test must cover only those areas that the job role demands. Use this assessment as a basis for judging the person’s strengths and weaknesses, and how you can make the best out of them. Although very helpful in determining a candidate’s potential, this test should most certainly not be used a sole basis of selection, for, you can still train to fill the cracks in technical expertise, but an employee of integrity and diligence is a gem that you mustn’t miss.

Follow Post-Interview Proprieties

Following an interview, do spare a few minutes to write to the candidates who appeared. A formal letter of thanks goes a long way in creating a positive impression of your company. Also, it is a good practice to give people a feedback of the interview and let the applicants know a tentative time frame within which you’ll be making a decision.

The Probation Period

Now that you have made the big decision about the hire, the next thing to do is acquaint the person about your company policies and about the term of probation that he/she would be on. Have well defined policies on employee benefits, leaves, etc. entitled to non-permanent members of your fraternity; and communicate this information to the candidate very clearly.

Consult a Third-Party for the Final Hiring

A third-party’s opinion is mostly appreciable when it comes to hiring. These people are experts in the domain, and based on the inputs you provide to them, they will be likely to give you an informed suggestion on who the most suitable candidate(s) would be. Use their insights coupled with your own instincts to make a decision that counts for your organization.

Summary: Take guidance from the tips above to formulate an ideal hiring process for your company so that you are able to save on both time and hiring costs. However, always keep in mind that the ultimate goal of any hiring process is to filter out the right candidate who fits well in the defined role and helps a company meet its financial goals.

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    Excellent post. Thank you for sharing. I am very happy to go through this article. I loved the way you outlined this post, these tips can help and serve many in hiring industry. Putting significant thought into the job description, details of the probation period and verifying the candidate credentials by a third-party will definitely boost your hiring process.

    After all, the core strength of a company lies in its people. So, one has to plan to hire smart.

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