Tips to Grab Your Desired Job in Coming Year- 2016

The New Year is fast approaching, and people are full of enthusiasm and very optimistic about how they will fare professionally in the coming year. There is a lot of hope and positive attitude regarding the type of job they will undertake in the coming year, and how they will perform in their work. There is nothing wrong in being positive, but you need to prepare for your exodus in a proper manner to increase your chances of success, and fulfill your long awaited dream of getting your perfect job. Here is how you can proceed – a few pointers can help you get your much-desired job.

Writing cover letter

Preparing your resume

Get a pen and paper, and prepare your resume like they used to do in the good old days. Nowadays bright and trendy colors, funky typefaces, and theme-based textures are out, so make sure you use formal stationary which looks decent and professional. Moreover, ensure that your resume is concise and not too lengthy, and spell-check it before taking the final print. If possible, get your resume reviewed by a professional, and get appropriate feedback as to how you can improve upon the layout and resume contents. A crisp, clean, and confident resume might just do the trick for you.

Registering for a formal email address

You are formally applying for a job, and if you have to include an email address, make sure it sounds professional and business like. Your Hotmail or Yahoo email ID that you have been using to communicate with your friends just won’t carry that much weight in your resume. Email IDs like “[email protected]” or “[email protected]” are great for your close friends and Facebook crowd, but not recommended for mentioning it in your resume. Make sure you get a standard email ID which represents your name and your profession, and include it in your resume. Also, send a test email or a welcome message using your new ID so your friends can have your new address in case they want to recommend you for a job.

Getting help from social media

Go online and make your presence felt on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. You could also register on LinkedIn and join online groups for more advantages. The online social medium is a great way to let people know you need a job, and chances are many individuals will recommend you, or at least let you know about good employment prospects.

Start meeting people

There is no substitute for meeting somebody in person. A face-to-face contact can often lead to something concrete in terms of landing up with a job. It is much easier to convince people you are a deserving candidate for a particular post, rather than sending them messages, or ping them on messengers. It is a great way of preparing yourself for a future interview with an employer. If you can convince your friend or an acquaintance, you just need to try a bit harder to convince an employer. An ideal way to start your sojourn for the perfect job is to start rehearsing your answers, and preparing yourself mentally for your future interview.

Use your connections and resources

Start getting in touch with old friends and colleagues who can help you find a job. Individuals looking for a job need to provide recommendations and references in their resumes. If a known person recommends you, it not only makes your job search easier, but you also benefit from a good reference – a person who can vouch for you. Alternately, you can also check out your high school alumni network. Check if any school or college friend remembers you, and have him or her recommend you for a job. In addition, check out the daily employment ads in newspapers and periodicals. Perhaps the best way is to register online with an employment firm and submit your resume. You can also search for jobs advertised online by employers.

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