12 Common Behavioral Interview Questions and Sample of Best Answers

While going for an interview, you are always a bundle of nerves. Not knowing who will be interviewing you or what questions will be asked, always puts a person on edge. However, it is important to maintain your behavior cool and answer questions confidently but not to the extent that makes you appear over-confident!

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Here are top 12 common behavioral interview questions step-by-step and includes example answers- the star method and an easy to learn infographic.

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Questions asked at interviews are usually standard. Memorizing answers will not help as employers look for different replies. Reviewing some frequently asked questions gives you some idea of what to expect. When you don’t know what to expect, you may end up blundering. For those of you, who are going for your first interview, here are some appropriate (answer 2) and inappropriate (answer 1) replies to keep in mind.

Here we are with 12 behavioral interview questions and their best answers that will help you in S.T.A.R. Interview.

Using humor is acceptable. However be careful as not everyone appreciates sarcasm, irony or cheeky, over-smart replies. Here are some interview replies that will show you the way to the door faster than you realize along with the right replies that can take you places.

1. What is your weakness?
Answer.1 – I cannot do without cigarettes and my girlfriend.
Answer. 2 – My weakness is that I prefer to focus on just one task at a time.

2. Do you have any strengths that you could share?
Answer.1 – I am good at basketball and therefore have mastered the art of throwing paper in the bin, even while sitting at my desk.
Answer. 2 – I am a quick learner and a team player.

3. Why did you leave your last job?
Answer.1 – My boss was arrogant and always breathing down my neck.
Answer. 2 – I wanted to enhance my skills therefore sought opportunities that would provide this.

4. Why should I hire you?
Answer.1 – Well, you said you’re hiring so I do not see why you should not.
Answer. 2 – If you hire me, I can prove I am capable of performing well.

5. Do you feel you have achieved something?
Answer.1 – I have had highs and lows in my life and have dealt with them very successfully but most of the time I was high.
Answer. 2– Yes, apart from appraisals I believe I have earned a lot of good colleagues and have learnt a lot.

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6. Why were you unemployed for so long?
Answer.1 – Due to the heavy rains, I could not go out for interviews.
Answer. 2 – I enrolled myself for a personality development course and took up freelance work.

7. What is your management style?
Answer.1 – The mantra I follow is compromising with one and all and look for quick fix rather than long term solutions.
Answer. 2 – I communicate with seniors and subordinates and deliver on time.

8. If hired, how long would you work for us?
Answer.1 – I can stay in the office till 5 pm.
Answer. 2 – As long as I am learning.

9. Do you consider yourself a team player? What position do you prefer on a team?
Answer.1– Of course. In every football match, I was made the goal keeper for both the teams. Any position that doesn’t result in a headache is fine by me.
Answer. 2– Yes, the teams I was on have always completed assigned goals. Any position is fine as long as I’m contributing

10. What irritates you about co-workers? And can you work under pressure?
Answer. 1– I dislike when people don’t use deodorant. Yes, I’ll finish work soon to attend to nature’s call.
Answer. 2 – I overlook irritations and work as a team. I am patient and keep my cool under pressure.

11. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? And what do you expect from this job?
Answer. 1 – I see myself watching the FIFA match live. And I wish this job provides more days of casual leave.
Answer. 2 – I see myself in a senior position managing important work and I expect professional advancement and a good future.

12. Do you have anything to clear?
Answer. 1 – May I know the name of the girl who called me for this interview?
Answer. 2 – How soon can I join?

Sample for Successful and Disastrous Answers for Behavioral Interview Questions- Infographic

Sample for Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers- Infographic

Remember hilarity will not always help you get the job. Instead, keep a clear, professional mind and you can’t go wrong. Humor is not bad, but it needs to be professional and should not be over-done.

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