Tips to Search a Job Without Making it Noticeable to Your Current Employer

It is always said that you should keep your job search confidential from your current employer. Of course, no one wants to lose the current job before getting a job offer in hand. However good repo you share with your boss, the chances are high that he would not appreciate it if he finds out about your job search. The result can be that he can limit your involvement in new projects or other important tasks, fearing that you will leave the company soon. But, you can’t stop exploring the new opportunities also! So, how to deal with this?

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To protect yourself from such outcomes, it becomes important to keep your job search a secret and wait for the right time to share with your boss. Here are a few tips that can help you:

Don’t use your office time to search a job

The first and the most important tip to ensure your employer never gets a hint about your job search is that never use your company’s time for job hunting. It not only makes you look like an unprofessional employee who is stealing office’s time for personal work, but also raises questions about your loyalty to your current work. Getting caught up while working on your resume during office hours is the worst thing for any employer.

Don’t use office phone, email or stationery

Imagine a situation when you print your resume in the office for your job interview, but it reaches your boss’s desk by mistake! There are always some people who are bosses’ spy and look for such opportunities. Therefore, to avoid committing such costly mistakes, avoid taking out the print out of your important job search documents in the office, and don’t use office email or phone number also.

Never do anything that looks different from usual days

There are even days when you want to save your casual leaves, and therefore decide to go for a late hour interview directly from the office. If you do not want to get noticed by your boss or anyone in the office, don’t dress differently than you mostly do as this can easily draw several attention. For instance, if you prefer to wear T-shirts daily, but on the day of your interview you are formally dressed up thinking that you will go directly from the office to attend the interview after taking a half day off, you should think again.

Don’t share with colleagues

However good friend your work friends or colleagues are, choose to stay quiet about your job search. You never know the person you are trusting can spill your secret anytime. Instead, wait for the right time to share the good news of your new job, once it’s final.

Avoid highlighting your job search on social media

Nowadays, social media is a rising platform to search a job; however, you should use it wisely if you don’t want your current employer to know about it. For instance, when updating your professional networking platform like LinkedIn, the smart trick is to undo the ‘notification’ button on the right side of the page. It is always recommended to play it cautious and keep it on the down-low when building the online presence to search jobs.

Hope these tips will help you in keeping your job search confidential while you stay happily employed with your current employer.

All the best.

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