How To Stay Productive When You’re Tired- Infographic

Working long hours and not enough rest can take its toll. To wake you bake up, follow these energizing tips to stay productive when staying in bed is not an option. Searching for a job can be more stressful than actually doing that job when you get it. Browsing, networking, compiling applications and writing letters all take a lot of time – and we all have periods in our lives when it is all we seem to be doing. If you’re balancing this with doing the job you already have, it’s even tougher: without a minute to yourself, exhaustion sets in and your work and applications all suffer.

So what can you do to make sure you’re still productive during such periods? Well, there are a number of techniques you can try, and they begin with a bit of planning. Every day should come with it’s own schedule, which should begin with the more difficult and more important stuff (the things you want to use your best energy on). You should also factor in regular breaks, which you can use to stretch your body and rest your mind – this makes you more productive in the long run.

On a day when you’re focussing on job search and applications, try to switch up your surroundings a couple of times. An hour in a café or a spell in the library can recharge your creativity and prevent you from feeling trapped in the work cycle. It’s also a good excuse to take a break and get some fresh air as you walk from one place to another.

And be careful not to waste any of the resultant energy on meaningless social networking. There is a time to connect on LinkedIn, Facebook and email, and a time to concentrate on less quick sandy tasks! Set aside a specific hour for catching up with these connections, and switch your notifications off the rest of the time.

Those are some ideas to get you started, but you can find plenty to keep you going in this handy new infographic. Dial it up when the day is long, and it’ll help you find a better way to work.

How to stay productive when you are tired


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