6 Best Tips to Help You Survive Your First Job- Infographic

If you’re about to start your first job, you’re bound to be wondering what will be in store for you. There’s lots of situations that will be totally new to you, which means that there’ll be lots of opportunities for you to embarrass yourself in front of a bunch of people you desperately want to impress. That’s not a good combination, but don’t worry, there’s still hope.

Luckily, everyone who’s ever had a job has had a first job, so we’ve all been through that stress and tension and we know which situations you will need the most help navigating. For example, when you first meet new colleagues, they’ll want to know a bit about you, and if you don’t say enough or go the other way and tell them your life story, that’s not a great first impression.

What you need is a good elevator pitch, which means packing in enough interesting and useful information in the time it takes to ride an elevator with someone. This might be especially helpful if your first encounter with a new colleague happens to actually take place in an elevator, but is a good guide for anyone new that you meet. So have something prepared and be ready to impress.

The main person you’ll need to wow will be your boss of course. One situation where you’ll want to shine will be in your first team meeting, where you’ll quite reasonably struggle to know exactly what everyone is talking about, but still need to be attentive, interested and ready to contribute whenever you can. In one-to-one circumstances where you receive feedback from someone senior, listen and learn and be polite.

This is even more crucial in the dreaded performance review, where you might receive some feedback on how you’re doing so far that you don’t like. Whatever it is, don’t let your emotions show, just take it on board and work out how you can show that you’re putting it into practice. And definitely don’t talk back to them.

These tips come from this illustrated guide by Budget Direct and there’s plenty more for you to learn in it, helping you look like a seasoned pro from your first day in your first job onwards.

Instruction Manual for your First Job- Infographic

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