Basic Tips to Write a Cover Letter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Writing a cover letter is actually much less stressful, but it does take decent effort if you want to make that ideal impression on prospective employers. In fact, if you’re good enough, a cover letter can be the deciding factor on whether you are hired.

Cover letters are that chance to tone down a bit on the uptight suit and tie routine & can be real with the employers; show them who you are. This does not mean treat them as if they are your pal from grade-school. It simply means to express whether you are an approachable, reliable and qualified person that they would want to have on their team.

It’s your chance to get conversational and let the employer understand you on more than just a professional level, but a personal level as well by writing an impressive cover letter with understanding the basics of it.

Cover Letter Basics- infographic

Infographic taken from: University Career Services

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  • Dan S.

    Great infographic! It’s detailed with a lot of useful advice. Thanks for posting this.

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