Five Tips to Hunt That Job Down

There is a reason why they call it ‘Job Hunt’. When one looks for something, they just look- random and unprepared. But when they hunt, they do it with all their might and focus; they set a target and work towards it. That is what should be done when you are out there and wanting a new job.

Hunt the job

When you are looking for a job, trolling the job boards and forums can be quite a task that could leave you drained by the end of the day. And doing this, the chances of actually landing a job are pretty slim. Answering ads is no better. So we give you a few interesting tips that could help bring your dream job closer to you

1. Lead a thoughtful life: A well-written cover letter and an interesting resume are considered a big plus in the job market. So start doing interesting things and learn to write about them. Scale a mountain peak, go scuba diving, write some interesting article for a newspaper or a magazine, etc. Go offbeat, think out of the box. Otherwise, if you keep going only straight ahead, then eventually you will drive off the cliff.

2. Be clear on what you want and where: Avoid being vague about what you want. Your personal and professional network will never be able to help you if you yourself don’t know what you are looking for. So just don’t say you want an operations job. Be specific what kind of operations job you want. This way in case somebody comes across an opening, they will be able to let you know.

3. Define the ‘where’: Start targeting specific companies you would like to work for, so you can better figure out what strings need to be pulled with which contacts to be able to reach there. If you wish to take the plunge, try pitching in for the company you are dreaming about and tell them why you are the best fit for that sales opening they have.

4. Get your story straight: Your resume is your life in bullet points. It’s not a ‘first I did this and then I did this’ exercise. But you need to say a story that in inspiring and compelling. Almost everybody will give you a permission to be who you are meant to be, but do you really know who you are meant to be? That is your story, so write it well.

5. Mind your words: When you call up your prospective employer, talk to him, or leave a voice message or write him an e-mail or go on to meet him in person, he is experiencing you and taking in your every move, every word. Make sure you have brushed up your communication enough to get that right voice tone, that right pitch, the right grammar and word usage, and well groomed to leave the perfect impression first time, every time.

A job hunt is not easy, but with the right tools and right attitude it is not so difficult either. Grow your network, define what you want, speak your mind well in a proper way and you are already moving closer to your dream job. Believe in yourself and the world shall stop and take notice.

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