How to Create a Great Place to Work- Infographic

According to industry leaders, the things most people would agree are important – such as impressive salaries, light workloads or months of vacation time – are not the top reasons that they value their jobs. Instead, employees prefer workplace perks with more long-term benefits.

Here in this infographic there are seven tips any business can adopt to ensure its workers are healthy, happy and productive.

Infographic on How to create a great place to work

What are the benefits of creating a great place to work?

The Great Place To Work institute has been researching the correlation between happy employees and employee productivity for more than 30 years. What they have found is staggering.

  • Great places to work perform nearly two-times better than their competitors on the stock market
  • The best companies to work for experience as much as 65 percent less turnover than other organization
  • Great places to work more easily attract great candidates, paving the way for long-term growth and success

Infographic originally shared by: Adecco

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