How Smart Phones Being Useful To Recruiters & Job Seekers?

Seeking a new job? Own a smart phone? Perhaps in the near future more and more job seekers will be forced to answer these two questions on a frequent basis as they try to find new jobs for themselves. Smart phones and jobs – two separate entities, yet these two entities are likely to be co-related soon. As per the recent market trends, placement consultants and firms are becoming technology savvy, and desire to utilize the emerging technologies to boost up their businesses.

Smart phones helps Recruiters and job seekers

The question is how. Smart phones are still not so popular in India, and majority of the people are happy using entry level cell phones with whatever facilities they provide. As per surveys, in India approximately 120 million cell phone users own a smart phone, while the vast majority doesn’t. Also as per the expected figures, the need for smart phones is likely to increase up to 250 to 300 million in the coming two to three years.

Job recruiters are preparing to tap the potential offered by smart phone applications. Rather than the standard norms of potential candidates approaching the placement firms, the recruiters are making great efforts to reach candidates directly and offer them various options in terms of lucrative job offers. The applications are manufactured on a two fold basis – one for the employer and the recruiters, and the second for the prospective candidates. The employers can use the applications to advertise job openings and pay scales, while candidates can post their resumes through their smart phones and expectantly wait for their replies.

One of the main concerns with smart phones is the operating system, or the OS as it is popularly called, which resides within the cell phone. Several popular operating systems dominate the market – Android, Symbian, iOS, and Windows being the popular ones. Recruiters and career oriented companies prepare their websites which are compatible with these operating systems to improve their visibility. Sites such as LinkedIn specifically mention the compatible operating systems supported by their sites.

From the employer’s point of view, smart phone applications offer the ease of reviewing the candidate’s status as well as his or her profile according to convenience. They can offer interview dates, location details, required job profiles, etc. “on the go” i.e. as and when they find it convenient to do so. They don’t have to wait and spend time in waiting for the feedback from candidates. It becomes easy as well as convenient for them, since they can reject or accept candidate on the spot without undergoing the hassles involved with interviewing a candidate and subsequently finding that the candidate is not appropriate as per the designated work profile.

Candidates too find such applications convenient, since they can receive instant feedback and results of their interviews. They don’t have to wait for days before they receive a confirmation from their future employers. Job seekers can apply for multiple jobs simultaneously, and avail lucrative choices in terms of various job offers. If they get rejected in one company, they can immediately apply for other openings without wasting any further time.

Whatever the scenario may be in the future, it is sure that more and more recruiters and job seekers will be accessing and using such smart phone applications on a frequent basis until they end up with a satisfying job that they have been searching for. It would seem that smart phone applications are going to stay, and proliferate over the years if they are used effectively and in the correct manner.

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