Highly Effective Healthy Habits of Working Online from Home [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s clear that freelancing has become an integral part of today’s work landscape. In the United States alone, freelance workers now make up more 35% of the national workforce. With the increasing trend towards freelancing, it is easy to see why many businesses plan to engage more freelancers in the future.

That being said, the best way to justify the increasing trend of online work these days is through the benefits it provides to those who wish to quit their present job, or simply just want to pursue their true passion. From flexible schedule to not having to attend boring and tedious office meetings, freelancing offers a wide range of benefits that are perhaps difficult to achieve in a typical corporate office.

That being said, being a freelancer is not all good. Working from home can also be detrimental if not managed carefully. If you’re planning to be a freelancer, these highly effective healthy habits of working online from BrainBoxol can help you stay sane and fit while working at home.

Highly Effective Healthy Habits of Working Online

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