7 Useful Tips to Excel in Your Career While Adding Value to Your Organization

Career advancement cannot take place until the management notices you are adding value to the organization. Both these things go hand in hand and that is why you should be able to quantify how your work in the organization is adding to its bottom line. The more value you add to your organization, higher the chances you will be rewarded with job promotions, salary hikes and of course job security. The way you perform at your workplace will influence your career. If you are able to show measurable results, you can be certain that it will be noticed.

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Here are some ways you can advance your career by contributing to your organization’s growth and bottom line.


1. Be Vocal

Do not be a wall flower during meetings and discussions. You should be an active participant who contributes meaningfully to these gatherings. It will show the management that you are interested in the organization and want to contribute to it. Before you attend official meetings and discussions, always make it a point to read the agenda and prepare a few interesting topics to speak about. This is the time to throw your ideas and come up with solutions for problems that the company may be facing.

2. Choose your seat strategically

During the meetings, try to sit close to the decision makers. This symbolizes your support for them and also increases the chances of you being heard while pitching your ideas.

3. Don’t Be Shy to Highlight Your Achievements

When you meet or exceed targets, make it a point to create a report and email it to your boss. Many times, people assume that their achievements will be noticed without any effort on their part. However, this usually is not the case. So do not feel embarrassed to brag about yourself and your achievements and milestones. It will also ensure that everything is recorded and there is proof to show your contribution to the organization.

4. Work Beyond Your Job Description

It is always easy to stay in your comfort zone and work just what you are allocated. However, this will not help you advance your career in the organization. You can take up many other activities in your organization that are not part of your job description and key tasks. For instance, you can volunteer to conduct an orientation class for new employees or organize a team building session for your department. These tasks may not seem exciting, but most top executives love them. By taking on added responsibilities, you will be able to show your abilities to multi-task and go beyond your comfort zone, something that will be noticed by the management.

5. Accept the Kudos

If you are complimented for performing well or achieving your target, accept the compliment rather than shrugging it off. If you do this, you give someone else a chance to walk away with the laurels. While accepting the accolades and praise, make sure you only accept those that you rightly deserve. Do not take credit for someone else’s hard work. This is one of the best ways to create problems for yourself at work. You will also not be earning popularity points from your teammates and colleagues if you do this.

6. Chill out with Colleagues and Teammates

Make sure you participate in all informal events that your organization hosts. Be it a company party, picnic or team building, you should be right there in the middle of it all. This will help you make new contact in your organization and strengthen bonds with your existing teammates. Employee bonding is important if you want to stay productive at work. And, when you are productive, your bosses will sit up and take notice of you.

7. Be a Problem Solver

Take proactive steps to find solution to obvious problems plaguing your department or organization. It is easy to bring a problem to the attention of the management, but tough to find a solution for it. So be the person who excels in resolving issues. Select one issue at a time, resolve it and then move to the next. This will prove to be beneficial to your career and help you demonstrate your problem-solving skills that most organization highly covet.

It is important to remember that while competence is a must, it is not the heart and soul of getting noticed and climbing up the hierarchy. While you have to perform well at work, you also have to ensure that the management notices your hard work and results. Make it a point to keep the management abreast of your successes at work and this will help you get noticed and rewarded. Be a team player and one who proactively takes on responsibility. This way you will prove to your organization that you are an asset and not a liability. This is the best way to advance in your career while still contributing meaningfully to the organization’s goals.

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