10 Online Jobs for Students that You Can Turn Into a Career or a Work from Home

Earning while you learn helps you acquire several skills. It teaches you vitals of money management, offers opportunities to gain financial freedom at a young age while preparing you to counter any money related issues that may arise in future.

10 Online Jobs for Students

Thanks to the Internet, students need not venture outside their home, hostel room or dorm to earn money: they can simply take online jobs that offer lucrative earnings. Further, working online as a student also helps you discover innate skills that can be further developed into a career.

Advantages of Online Jobs

There are several benefits of working online as a student. It keeps you gainfully engaged during spare time. Furthermore, some online jobs allow you to come in contact with professionals in your field of study, which helps advance your career. Nowadays, several online jobs you take as a student can be developed further into a career.

Thus, you may also be able to start work from home in future. In fact, some three to four percent of America’s working population now consists of people who work from home. They are called telecommuters. The number of telecommuting workers is growing in the US as it helps employers save money while employees can earn more through part-time work.

Top Online Jobs for Students for Career

Here we look at top 10 online jobs that you can take as a student. These jobs can be evolved further into a full-fledged career which allows you to work from home.

1. Data Analyst

Data Analyst

Working online as Data Analyst for IT students is an excellent job that holds great career prospects. E-commerce sellers and large companies look at hiring part-time data analysts who can read statistics such as the number of hits on their website, successful transactions, bounce rates and other parameters.

As IT student, you can also undertake various online data analytics courses online and get on-hands experience by working from your home, dorm or hostel. Upon graduation, you can utilize the skills for a great work-from-home career.

2. Software Developer


Startup ventures, companies small and large require software of various type for their internal use and sometimes for their business associates. Further, most companies with major online presence also launch apps that can be accessed by people on the move, on their Android or iOS-based smartphones. You can work as a software developer while studying an appropriate course and advance it into a lucrative career to work from home.

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3. Journalist


This online job for students is fairly easy if you possess a flair for writing and nose for news. Almost every news organization, including your neighborhood TV channel, radio station and newspaper is hungry for news that interests the community at large. You can work as an online journalist in several fields- as a reporter to provide news or sub-editor who corrects languages, trims copies and gives headlines where required. This is an excellent profession in the US.

4. Translator


For those with expert language fluency in English and a foreign language, jobs as an online translator are easy to find as a student. As an online translator, you will receive myriad material such as advertisements, notices, labels, short articles and correspondence among others, that has to be translated into a foreign language from English or the other way around. Performing this job as student paves the way to a lucrative career.

Later, you can graduate into translating legal documents, business and job contracts and very important documents for companies. This job pays well and is always in great demand. You can develop this into a career too.

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5. Online Tutor

Online Tutor

As a student, you will have chosen a particular field of study because of the passion. Also, you will be proficient in some subjects in this sphere. You can earn extra money by working online as a tutor for junior students within and outside your educational institute. Upon graduation, you can continue this profession and open an online tutoring business for students in your field. Alternatively, you can work as an online tutor from home for a major college or university.

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6. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

As a student, this is a very easy online job. As social media manager for a business, you will be tasked with posting material provided by the company on their Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts, among others. Nowadays, most major corporations are investing heavily in social media marketing since it allows them to reach a much broader audience at fraction of costs of conventional advertising. You can make an excellent career as professional social media manager or expert, with skills acquired as a student.

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7. Legal Guidance

Legal Advisor

Law students can provide legal guidance online for a small fee. Complex cases can be referred to a professional lawyer, who will eagerly provide the required information with the hope of bagging a client. Working as a legal guide as a student helps you develop a great career in the law profession. You can work as online legal consultant upon graduation or open your own business providing a variety of online legal services.

8. Cyber Security Expert

Cyber Security Expert

Businesses engaged in e-commerce, banks, financial institutions and motley other companies hire part-time cyber security agents and experts. Those studying IT courses can offer services as part-time security analysts or monitors. You will have to explore a company’s website or e-commerce portal for potential threats and leaks and suggest ways and means plug them.

Remember, the Wanna cry ransom-ware attack worldwide in May 2017 was stopped by an IT amateur who activated the kill-switch on the blockchain through which the bug was spreading. Cybersecurity is very big business nowadays and you can develop your skills as a student to work from home and become a professional in this field.

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9. Medical Transcriptionist

Medical Transcriptionist

Working as a medical transcriptionist is a very lucrative online job you can take as a student. It is best suited for those studying courses in medicine, nursing or training as paramedics. Work involves listening to raw audio feed such as talks between patient and physician, surgery room chatter, exchanges between Emergency Medical Services and discussions among doctors over a medical case. Once qualified, you can look for a Transcription job or even start a company offering medical transcription services.

10. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Fine Arts students can work as an online graphic designer to offer services to individuals and businesses. You get paid handsomely for every successfully executed project. Qualified and experienced graphic designers are in great demand worldwide. There are specialized crowdsourcing platforms that enlist services of graphic designers to work on creative projects for large brands and their products. Several graphic designers have made their mark by executing major projects through crowdsourcing.

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In Conclusion

Before you take any online job as a student, ensure it is relevant to your field of study. This way, you acquire skills for your chosen profession and get practical experience for what you learn during classroom studies. Most of these online jobs require special skills.

Hence, we recommend you take them only if you possess them or are interested in developing a career in any of these fields, after graduation. In addition to working from home upon completing your studies, you also get the opportunity to launch your own startup or home-based business with minimal investment. Skills you acquire while studying the course and the experience help you embark on a great career.

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